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Catering & Decor (Part 1)

Mr I and I went for our food tasting earlier this year with A2 Management. We came across them while at the wedding expo in January.

So, the story starts like this. We were randomly walking around when this Chinese guy came up to our faces and shoved this hugeass brochure in my face. It had all the deets for photography and videography, but we weren’t looking for that. I wanted to pass it back to him but he was already leading us to his booth. So OK fine, follow je la. Then some things happened I don’t remember what but they found out we don’t want photog/video but are looking out for catering/decor. So we sat down with a Malay lady who is with the catering/decor company and decided okaylah, nothing to lose in just listening to what they have on offer kan.

Tbh, I am a bit malas to recount everything we discussed because we went to their booth a second time after touring the expo, and then again on the next day to sign on the deal. Basically, they left a good impression regarding how flexible and understanding they are with regards to our requirements and the payment of the deposit. We spoke to Didi, Rosham and Andy (who I’m guessing is the owner), as well as dealt with Nora during the food tasting. So I will go in point form…

Price and payment

  • Total: $1X,XXX (Expo price) for 1,000 pax
  • Deposit is 10% of total cost. However, we initially paid only $4XX at the expo to secure the deal, then paid the rest during the food tasting which was about 2.5 months later.
  • Next payment is 60 days before the wedding. 70% of total cost
  • Balance of 20% to be paid on the day of the wedding upon completion.

Items and Services Provided

  • Eve of/Solemnisation menu (day before event):
  • Breakfast menu
  • Actual day menu
  • Decor – they are so flexible in their decor alhamdulillah. Will talk about this more in another post
  • Entertainment (sound system with M/F emcee) and
  • miscellaneous items (kendarat, toilet, cutlery, tentage, tables & chairs etc)

I have to admit it was a bit of a risk to commit to them before getting a food tasting though, but alhamdulillah food tasting was quite a good experience (the super LOUD entertainment and karaoke on the day of notwithstanding). In particular, I was quite impressed with how unmessy the “dapur” is hahaha.

You know how some caterers at the void deck weddings, when they set up camp behind the void deck, astaga, the periuk belangah all berterabur everywhere, the water pipe meleleh nonstop, the staff cooking look like they anyhow campak everything everywhere. (These observations come from years of my mother standing at our kitchen window during the weekends to look and comment on the cooking done during void deck weddings behind my house, and then she will make me stand there and people-watch with her…) Also because during my brother’s weddings, the water pipe meleleh nonstop but I think that’s the fault of the town council la, dunno how they turned it on man. We couldn’t turn it off, even after my dad take out his screwdrivers and toolkit all.

But the dapur at this A2 management caterers eh… they got mobile sink all ok. (My first time seeing such a thing, so jakunz LOL). By the time we came which was around 2.15pm, the “dapur” area was so clean! Haha the pots and pans all teratur, the kendarat carry the dirty dishes to the mobile sink, the plates and cutlery were always replenished. The cook staff were refilling the food, and kept smiling at us LOL (prolly cos they knew we were future clients).

Which was such a refreshing sight for Mr I and me. A few weeks after we got engaged, we went to my cousin’s wedding, and oh my god the “dapur” area was so busy and quite bersepah and lecak. We wanted to walk by the front but there were so many people, so to get the goreng-gorengan after our “main dish” we had to pass by that area, then the staff were busy dragging one thing from one place to another. The kendarat were all so garang and kept pushing us out of the way with the trays of dirty dishes. HAHAHA TAKUT SEH SERIOUSLY. Memang lah, the food was nice, but seriously, the service eh. I have no idea which caterer they engaged but… stoppit seh hahaha.

But takpelah to each his own kan. Asalkan bahagia sudah; dah selamat pun orang  tu punya majlis. Itu yang penting.

I am writing this paragraph (not the earlier paragraphs) much much later, and I don’t even remember I felt like this about my cousin’s wedding so… it’s OK la, people like me yang tak suka negatif-negatif, we will definitely forget about part yang buruk-buruk UNLESS betul-betul offensive/drama (ya tuhan, jauhkanlah). So, orang yang suka ungkit yang buruk-buruk about your wedding tu, biarlah. Their actions don’t say anything about you, but it speaks VOLUMES about what kind of a person they are.

This is a reminder to myself first and foremostly. Sure there will be hiccups and I already accept that at the onset. But it’s really up to us to make the best and the most out of what life throws at us, insya Allah.


One thought on “Catering & Decor (Part 1)

  1. Nowadays when I start to have certain thoughts about the weddings I attend, I stop myself and just be positive and enjoy the wedding. Hahaha but I realise people will always talk regardless ah well. Anyways InshaAllah all will go well for you!! If you need help just tell us! InshaAllah we will be free aft our wedding! 🙂

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