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rumah oh rumah(part 3)

Before I forget, I  should wrap up my notations on our flat application.

So we left off at the last post with us feeling dazed and I was praying in my heart so hard please don’t skip our number, we’re coming, please don’t skip us, please, where’s the desk? why is it so far away please don’t skip us, we’re here!

When we finally got there, I don’t remember what happened exactly because it was all a blur, but basically, the HDB officer asked us what flat we want, we tell her, she pulls it up on the screen because for some reason both of us cannot remember the exact block number HAHAHA almaklum tengah panic.

So I’m not sure what went on first, the block selection or verifying our documents… OK probably verifying our documents. Then, she helped us print something out called The Yearly Statement from our CPF. Bagus lah, baca punya baca masih terlupa print barang. Luckily she can print out from her computer. Then she was showing us how to get the statement thingy where we can see our CPF contributions from 5 years ago. Dengan perangai noob kita, kita pun, OHHH WAHHH 5 YEARS AGO AHHH.

When she pulled up the block on her computer screen, we discussed a little bit about the settlement. Then this Mr. I go and ask her super specific questions about the place, macam lah orang tu hari-hari pergi visit tempat tu LOL. Things like, “That hill beside the estate ah, what are you all going to do to it? Is it going to stay as a hill? We saw monkeys there before… what will happen to the monkeys?” I swear I remember him mentioning monkeys (but then I could also be making this up, but he definitely mentioned the hill). He even asked her things like, what level is the link bridge to the carpark, sampai orang tu bangun pergi cari brochure all. Of course orang tu come back takde brochure… BTO sales launch 2014 seh, how to have it till now HAHA.

She was quite helpful in explaining to us because we were discussing between 2 units on this 1 floor yang almaklum dah tinggal belen-belen, so she said, the unit facing the lift is also facing the carpark. The other unit will face the opposing block’s laundry area, but won’t face the carpark. The other unit is $100 less than the lift-facing/carpark-facing unit. I didn’t think of this then, but I did realise I didn’t want my door to face the lift, because, almaklum, tak nak tengok cik kak or ponti-ponti in the lift when I close the door. OR, more realistically, don’t wanna get jumped la hahaha.

Finally she gave us some more papers to explain the costs and payments and whatever else yang I still don’t quite understand for now (need some time to read through again).

But basically:

  • we pay $2k option fee at that appointment (need to leave the desk and go to level 3 for a while then come back straight) and this cost will be refunded by the 2nd appointment,
  • we pay 5% downpayment + whatever misc fees at the 2nd appointment thru CPF and
  • we pay the remaining 5% at the last appointment and I think they will wipe our CPF clean by then too.
  • no need to fork out cash cos CPF can cover everything alhamdulillah
  • they will only do sanitary fittings for us, i.e., no option for flooring because we choose our flats during the SBF exercise (not during the BTO exercise)
  • the total cost of our flat will decrease even further because they have yet to process our application for SHG (for which the documents I almost forgot to pass to the officer, but remembered to do so when I saw her draw up the costings)
  • we need to reapply for another HLE letter before our 2nd appointment.
  • they allocated 1 HDB officer for us to contact specifically in case of very specific issues (she said to just call the hotline if we have general enquiries, aka dont disturb this woman unless you absolutely have to LOL)

So yep. That’s it I guess.

Then she told us to go see the MyNiceHome showflats. Actually part ni tak perlu, but we went anyway, but it’s really tak perlu because the layout of the 4 room flat there is bigger than the layout of our 4-room flat. Then I kepo into the 5 room and 3 room also. Ikutkan hati I wanted to go to the 2-room ones too just cos I kepo gila babi but Mr. I terus menghalang I dari menjejakkan kaki ke dalam rumah-rumah tersebut sebab masa tidak mengizinkan.

Too many acronyms to remember seh. How do you youngsters do it… OK I swear I am not that old, but I don’t have the energy to obsess over details anymore (or did I ever? maybe not)… which also contributes to my meltdowns when I do, but also something that I plan to avoid becoming… Teringat semalam our wedding coordinator said something about how obsessed over details some clients are, then I was like WHAT and totally did double triple takes LOL

So alhamdulillah, one thing down with little hassles. Next appointment is in 3-4 months time, while we have another lull in the wedding planning period (I hope), and then, after Raya, we will go full swing in wedding preps forrealz.

That’s one more thing I want to make notes about, our meeting with our wedding coordinator from our catering/vendor company. Till the next post!


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    1. Kan! orang nak tengok je perr, that one also cannot hahaha they’re like OK I will entertain the first, and the second but NO MOREE hahaha

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