Shit’s gettin’ reeeeal

It’s already 2017 homaigad. It’s literally 11 more months to go. No more “next year, next year”, “Ah malas lah”, “Ah nanti lah, lama lagi” excuses from me.

Just gonna list down the things I have yet to do (roughly) in this post:

  • decide on venue (our aim is by this week so we can focus on other things; we have narrowed down to 2 venues finally)
  • book venue (nearer to wedding date)
  • decide on decor theme (by this week, pass ideas to our wedding coordinator)
  • sign up for marriage prep course (aim to complete the course by May)
  • contact RN regarding nikah outfits (need to lose weight by Mar/Apr trolololz)
  • contact THD regarding bouquet
  • buy furniture for new room (this one how much in advance need to do ah? takut furniture not in stock seh…)
  • order pulut kuning (was told to check back in a few months)
  • book henna (waiting for slots to open)
  • source for berkat (plan a trip to JB)
  • source for wedding invite vendor (same trip to JB, planning to do with kadlawo but dunno yet)
  • search for wedding rings (wait for GSS?)
  • buy mas kahwin (going with my bro cos apparently this makcik at one particular gold shop really berkenan tengok muka my bro so he always gets things cheaper)
  • source for dulang items (also means need to decide dulang items by end of this month, so I can start trawling websites for deals)
  • source for dulang vendor (for me to him only)
  • wedding shoes (MANA NAK CARI T.T)
  • decide if I need a veil for my baju nikah ensemble (if yes, need to go cari kain and ask mama to sew)
  • Guest list
  • wedding day itinerary
  • go for more food tasting sessions to decide on the menu
  • appointment with photog vendor
  • appointment with videog vendor
  • appointment with bridal to choose outfits
  • search for and book flight and accomm for minimoon/honeymoon (apparently still too early to book flights, but not sure about accomm?)

Am I missing anything out…?


  • alamak totally forgot about booking tok kadi, ROMM registration…
  • song list (choose kompang-replacement song, and march-in song)
  • ask my sisters and cousins if they can be galvanised into being in charge of the photobooth like they did for abang’s wedding
  • decide on my BMs (plus I still dunno if I want to make them wear baju boria or not hahaha macam tak nak jeeeee)

OK I’ll add on more as I remember them. Then by the end of this month, I will consolidate everything and start being OCD forrealz.

4 thoughts on “Shit’s gettin’ reeeeal

    1. i cannot >.< haha my mom has started nagging like "dah nak puasa!! aku tak nak buat keje time puasa! penat!!! biar penat sebelum bulan puasa!" yelahhh motherrrr

      1. Haha im just gonna say hi im your customer dont forget about me (and think of some random qns for them to answer) cos i booked them in Dec 2015, so macam scared they forgot abt me >.<

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