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Blogging from my hp in bed cos Ms. Flo nak datang so I am in pain, and I can’t use my laptop yet cos it’s currently riddled with a pesky freaking virus that my 14yo brother happily downloaded cos he used my laptop to play his games -.- budak ni memang mintak kene sepak terajang seh. I let him use the laptop for his schoolwork…ingatkan 2hrs plus pah homework dia. Rupanya hw only 30mins and the rest of it he was gaming away. Eeee sometimes I feel like I am raising this boy on my own hahaha this is what happens when you have siblings who are more than 10yrs younger and your parents are so old already. Yang kakak and abang become the surrogate parents. Tukang check typo in report book also aku ok… dunno how no one spotted the typo ugh.

But thankfully Mr I is coming over in a while to repair my comp. Nasib ada tunang Master IT kalau tak…. anyways its cos he told me not to use Internet on my comp anymore since we discovered the virus… also a good thing cos I haven’t shopped online either lolz.

Anyway, after much deliberation, we have decided on our wedding venue which will be at the void deck of my old block which is near my place insyaAllah. Can’t do under my block cos within the past two years they were building and storing dunno wtv shit and then the pillars also mintak ampun please cannot fit 1000pax… well that’s another headache cos even with this other void deck I dunno if can fit 1000pax comfortably or not… maybe some ppl on his side might not come cos its so far away or maybe it might rain and people malas nak datang. Who knows.

Another thing with this block is that…well I don’t know if we can for sure book it. Cos the other day I went down to my TC, si minah jongang ni bobal dgn aku seriously damn kuang ajar and mintak kene sepak tau. She’s not the usual person who mans the enquiry counter, whom I have met before when I booked my void deck for my tunang. And then perangai kerek nak mampuss macam nak sepak terajang please. 
The blocks in my estate are undergoing the HIP renovations so I dropped by to ask lah korang tahu tak bila dia start/finish. Soalan senang right. Then she made such a big hoohaa about pulling up the booking system on the desktop then ask me for the date so I said 3 dec 2017 (mind you I enquired on 20 dec 2016, that’s why awal2 I already said I’m just here to enquire, not book.)

Then when she heard the date terus dia HUH YOU KNOW THATS NEXT YEAR (yes ah lian I know) YOU CAN ONLY BOOK 180 DAYS BEFORE YOU KNOW (aku dah cakap aku tak nak book lah, pekak. And thanks for giving me the 180 days timeline info.) Tu dah takpe.

Then I told her (again) because I want to know when the HIP reno starts/ends, because the contractors dump their barang2 in the void deck and there are temporary toilets installed. So kalau asa barang2 tu of course I cannot do my wedding there kan. Then again she make a big hoohaa about pulling out this one file yang kononnya got all the answers to my questions and she read from this piece of dog eared paper pasted on the back cover of the file for, I kid you not, AT LEAST 5 MINUTES OK. I just stared at her reading that piece of paper macam like, eh amoi, I am not reading that paper also I know the dates are not there la. nampak sah tak tahu buat keje. Then she gave up and told me to give my number konon nak pass to the people for them to contact me. Yelah tu. Sampai niari takde orang call pun. 

At that time I was still debating between void deck and the cc near my place. Even after the menyusahkan phase of asking my first enquiry, I still trudge on, cos dah alang alang right. 

So I asked like this eh:

Okay this is my next question. This question is separate and different from just now. Ok. (Aku dah bagi signposting ok) I know if I want to book the CC I book straight at the CC (ni pun aku bagi disclaimer ok) but the CC don’t allow cooking so they advise us to book the void deck in front of the CC. Must you be a resident of that block to book?

Terus member jongang ni terus menyerlahkan lagi kejongangan dia ok. Dengan kereknya boleh dia snigger and geleng2 kepala and answered me: 

Actually even at void decks you cannot cook you know! Cannot! But we close one eye only. (she says as she puts both hands over both eyes and pusing pusing kepala act cute type) Actually cannot you know! Ahhh people don’t know ah! 

Bapak kau lah cannot cook. Berlambak aku tengok those Chinese 7th month events they cook at void decks in my estate, not only Malay weddings ok. Mintak kene hentak seh.

So then I said ok thanks ah then angkat kaki and jalan. My mom was beside me and since she is not fluent in English she didn’t know what was going on. When we got outside I told her everything, then I told her that honestly I wasn’t in the mood to bertelagah with the kerekness of that woman cos her jongang teeth were visually distracting. 

Ok I’m sure you think I’m damn mean cos I keep bringing this up but seriously it affected her speech and it was quite hard for me to understand her, plus everything that came out of her mouth was with SO MUCH ATTITUDE that I really felt like I want to lempang her, but thanks to my customer service training, hakak ni boleh tau zabarrr and tau distractshunnnzkan diri dari terpesona dengan kejongangannya…

We met our wedding coordinator from the catering/decor company later that day and told her this. Kak Nora said this one probably kes hasad dengki haha cos banyak org che che tak suka orang kita buat keje kawin bwh blok. But she advised us to go down again another time to ask, cos I know she’s not the regular staff who handles bookings, and she also asked us to call/email separately. Then combine all these replies before we make a booking. Kak Nora also convinced us to go with a void deck after she told us all the precautions her side will take wrt to the decor and masakan. 

Okay all this is good tapi soal HIP lom settle kan? So I trudged to the new HIP office (which is different from the TC office) for my target block with my mom and asked them when the reno will start or end. They had two staff at the counter and the junior one layan me first but her answers were so vague that the other staff jumped in to clarify my question and answer me. Initially I asked bila start but when her reply was not satisfactory to me, I tukar soalan tanya bila habis. Actually I asked for the particular block tau but they told me the start date of the whole estate then clarify again if I meant the estate or the block (DAH AKU CAKAP AWAL AWAL SIOT). but oklah got an answer that they will start reno in 3Q of this year For That Block, so hopefully by end November memang dah settle the kettle lah. Just hopefully it doesn’t continue to be a dumping ground for months on end like my block is. 

So later today we gonna try and settle decor theme/colours and registration for marriage prep course. Then we gonna make some major changes to our finances/spending too cos something happened in the past few days that totally threw a spanner in the works for me 😦 Please make dua for us.


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    1. hahaha must always look at the humour in whatever situation we find ourselves in 😛 at least, that’s my coping mechanism la, kalau tak boleh jadi gila. And thank you! ❤

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