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mini moon

Mr. I and I are planning to go for a short trip to Penang after the wedding, and save money (and leave) for a longer trip to somewhere further next year.

Air Asia is having some flight promo right now.


  1. I haven’t travelled via plane before. (Yes. Never.)
  2. Mr. I hasn’t travelled in years.
  3. Boleh dikatakan both of us are travel noobs (me more than him because he has actually travelled to Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey etc etc, for free pulak tu ishh geram je.)

As such, we have NO IDEA how to go about with the planning for this mini moon -.-

How to know if something is a good deal? How to know what to book for accommodation?

Aiyah, and the funny thing is right, I had to host a few foreign authors before, and I had to book their flight to Singapore and accommodation in Singapore. FUNNY RIGHT. UNTUK DIRI SENDIRI TAK PERNAH, TAPI UNTUK ORANG LAIN PERNAH.

And because of that, I only know thatΒ I want to have a staycation in a room on the 13th level of Royal Plaza on Scotts one day. Cos, by God, that room is sooooooooooooo nice.

Okay, basically this is a plea for help. If anyone has any resources or recommendation, please help a sister out. Makasih!

// OMG TERBATUK KEJAP AKAK. My counter says I have 10 months to go? Biar betik siot.


6 thoughts on “mini moon

  1. Babe, you can monitor the prices on Skyscanner by using the price alert function – they’ll update you if there’s a hike in price or otherwise. You can also compare the prices amongst the different budget Airlines and see which one offers the best price. Do note that if you choose to pay via eNets or Master/Visa, there’ll be additional charges. Jetstar offers payment via SAM without the additional charges. They also have promos on Fridays so you can check as well. Personally, I think AirAsia and Jetstar don’t differ much price wise but AirAsia has better service.

    As for hotels, discuss your preferences like star ratings, amenities and vicinity to city centre / malls / good food / attractions. As a guide, I usually go incognito when I’m on agoda/booking.com/hotels.com when I’m doing a search. Use the filter function! It helps a lot. Also, I usually select hotels with a rating of at least 8.0 out of 10. Read the reviews as well, especially the recent ones. And then you search for blog reviews on your hotels of interest, search for the location in IG and stuff like that. And you can slowly streamline your choices from there. πŸ™‚

    1. Waa babe you totes should write a how-to on this if you haven’t already, sampai go incognito all πŸ‘πŸ‘ and thanks sooo much for the advice! I think I narrowed down a few hotel choices aft asking my colleague, so will look over my options again. Makasih again 😊😊

  2. SG to Penang is pretty short, so i think its very suitable for someone who havent rode a plane before. You can test test it out. In shaa Allah everything will be okay. It is indeed abit scary, even tho i rode planes couple of times i still get anxious upon take off. Hahaha. Hotel wise, as usual, tripadvisor and all that, Mr Google has tons of reviews. I personally love reviews from bloggers, they have this sincerity in their posts and their pictures are more “life-like” even tho the trip is sponsored or not.

    Take note that if you book through the hotel’s page vs trivago or smth their rates are very different. And not 3rd party websites have all the rooms available. I personally prefer booking straight from the hotel side cos its easier for them to track my bookings plus most hotels have discounts if you book through their websites.

    Stalk. Stalk. Stalk and narrow your choices. You nak private pool ke, pool access ke. Package ke. Go je! Hahaha. No doubt boleh stress pikir but at the end of the day, you want something simple, relaxing and away from people kan kan kan kan kan ~ *kening up up* (cos i also!) HAHAHAHA.

    1. Ya I hope I will be ok with the flight… if not mkn ubat batuk byk2 & tido je hahahaha. Oh yes I was comparing btwn booking sites and direct from hotels, and you’re right, a lot of things are different. And booking sites are soooo confusing.

      Hahahahaa kening up up tu stoppit eh hahahaha ok la I think Penang has enough food and history to keep us entertained kalau tak terbongkang ngorok atas katil cos kepenatan. Thanks for the advice and suggestions!!

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