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Suck it, Jongz


I have an update on the void deck situation. Remember this post when I had to deal with the super attitude jongangz replacement town council officer yang bagi darah aku up?

SO I emailed my town council to ask (and bagi sob story all pasal renovation contractors buat my void deck as dumping ground, which actually tak perlu huahuahua), AND THEY REPLIED!

They said, and I quote:

As long as your NRIC shows that you are a resident of ABC/XYZ SMC, you will be eligible to book a venue at a nearby block under our Town Council’s purview for your wedding.


So now that I finally have this in B&W, akan aku gunakan sebagai perisai untuk aku tenyeh dan gonyongkan di muka Si Jongz jikalau aku terserempak dengan dia sewaktu aku nak buat booking.

Then I will throw a tantrum and a bitch fit, and I will scream bloody murder until I get to do the booking. Hmm, tapi kalau boleh tak nak lah kan. Buat penat je.

Cuma, kalau perlu, anytime beb, anytime.

But maybe I should go down on a weekday instead jadi tak terserempak dengan si Jongz tu lagi.

And now, my last worry wrt to the venue is the completion of the HIP reno. Please ya Allah, habiskanlah kerja-kerja si bangla tu by end November please, and make them blah as soon as possible please. Aku dah malas nak layan diorang punya puppy eye stare everytime macam tak pernah nampak pompan pass by.


5 thoughts on “Suck it, Jongz

    1. Babe you shud ask different ppl, call AND email. Like approach them in as many ways as possible but don’t give the same details each time haha. My wedding coordinator ajar this one hahahaha. But best if you get it in writing la, tak boleh dipertikaikan. Kalau tak, take down their name say you want to go Meet the MP session and complain about them lol

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