a few things

Been having trouble sleeping cos #weddingprep but eh.

  • cannot wait to book our hotel for the mini moon. I saw pics of penang street food and terus air liur meleleh thinking of penang assam laksa and chendol.
  • waiting for a reply from this super adorable kompang group of sec sch students. Plz be within budget and plz be free on my date plz you gais is shoo cute.
  • mr. I and I are sooo chicken with our $$ please. I feel like we are at that stage where we haven’t yet need to drop a bomb but will soon need to but already seram sejuk satu macam please. It’s like macam you tahu you nak pergi perang and mesti confirm kalau tak tangan kene potong then mata jadi buta but you tak bole buat apa-apa type of feeling. You get me?
  • I’m feeling a bit down cos I can’t decorate my room for the wedding + our life after cos we decided to stay at Mr.I’s brother’s place while waiting for our house to be ready. In khatib 😭😭😭😭 so jauhhhzz but takpelah, alhamdulillah diorang dah offer, dari tidur bawah jembatan 😭😭😭😭 also, its only for maximum 2 years, I’m hoping.
  • I want to do more kelas agama and self development and cooking and whatnot but I literally don’t have the time and energy because I’m not only handling wedding preps & an increasingly demanding job, there’s a lot of issues to settle at home too, and I’m gonna miss my brother n mother n (only 1 sister) sooo much 😭😭😭😭 tak connected but I’m so mentally and emotionally drained just thinking about how to pull through the last six months before the majlis 😣😣😣
  • I always read about other girls and the bond with their fathers, how their fathers love and protect them and see through every thing for them, how the nikah will be so special for the father-daughter and, then, I will always feel arrows upon arrows of jealousy shooting at me. Thing is, I know I actually won’t mind negligent absentee father like Mr.I’s cos that guy literally tak kisahkan anak sendiri (except bila aset sendiri terancam, and that’s a story for another day lol) but hahahais, I rather he leave me be than go out of your way to make things difficult for me. But I still always deep down dua the best for him. If only he could spare a thought for me. Lol Mr. I and I literally had one late night convo about male role model/ father figures….. susah nak cari (in our circle) takpelah redha, dah rezeki kita dapat nasib macam ni. 
  • we noted down on a planner what needs to be done each month. I am going to write it out again nicely and expand on it haha. Cannot not refer to this planner EVERY DAY. I also have a separate planner specially to list down things I need to do on which specific date. Hais I’m becoming dangerously forgetful…
  • At the end of the day, I asked mr. I. “bagus kan kita tunang early last year. Byk benda kita kene discuss and research. Imagine if we ikut sgt ckp orang orang orang yang cakap jangan tunang last year because to them its too early (mcm lah diorg yg tunang knp kpo sgt), we would be so kelam kabut right now.” Pays to plan early ok gais. Life lessons. anw plan je pe. got time to research, review all. Better to crawl than sprint what. ration your energy man. 

Ok I should probably sleep now. Gdnight. 


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