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So I just registered and paid for our Marriage Preparation Course just today.

I had actually planned to register during this CNY weekend but for some reason, this morning I decided to check out APKIM’s website to see if the dates for the course in May has opened. Lo, and behold! It has! (Sometime in mid-Jan we actually tried to sign up before we clicked on the dates and realised they had dates up till April only.) But yay, one thing down (albeit just the registration and payment hurhur.)

Macam seram only, one of the weekend dates was already full. Mr. I and I had already planned to take the course on a weekday, so we will just use up our leave but it’s OK cos we all need a little midweek break sometimes. We chose the 1-day course cos, ain’t nobody got time for 2-day courses seh. Kitorang da tua and penat (and cos of other reasons too lol).

Anyway, when filling in the registration form, there’s this question that asks about the couple’s extent of Islamic knowledge. Huahuahua both Mr. I and I were rehearsing our (true) sob stories to get ready eh, cos I told him the first half will be a personalised course with an Ustazah/Ustaz, then for sure they will bring this up also right. LOL if I am the ustaz/ustazah assigned to us, I think I will be dumbfounded for a while also hahahahaha #alkisah #redha I just hope they don’t insinuate anything je.

Anyway I was walking round and round IMM today to check out potential shops to get our hantaran items. The discounts are mahooosive sia for some items, especially bags and watches. Rambang mata seh. Even electronics! Like there is this steamboat thing selling in Popular for $80++ when it’s selling for $100++ at other places??? And a sofa bed at Giant was going for $89.90, when a similar sofa bed elsewhere in the same building is at least $120++??

Of course, if you’re looking for a long-term tahan lama item, don’t buy from here lah. But of course, the underlying assumption to being able to buy something quality is that you actually have the $$ in the first place. Imagine if you’re from a needy family, and these things present themselves to you and it’s so cheap even though quality is questionable, and you should buy it because you actually need it, BUT you don’t have the money yet cos it is not pay day yet. Or, when they do buy it, then there are some people who look down on those making these purchases, labelling them as cheapskates or not savvy enough to make a “long-term investment”.

The thing is, when you’re living hand to mouth, you will find a way to make these “cheapskate buys” actually become your “long-term investment”. I know I did. I still do, except now I am old enough to be able to work and be gainfully employed. I dunno, for a moment there, I just suddenly remembered what it was like for me when I was growing up.

To see and to know you need it, but to not be able to get it, and having to wait and squirrel away money only to have it used for other more pressing necessities, until that fantasy of a need dissolves into thin air.


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