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kompang & honeymoon

Salams all.

So we decided to engage a kompang group after all but basically I think they’re pretty new, not popular/hot stuff; but I’ve seen their performances on YouTube and they are sooo cute cos they are a bunch of secondary school students! Dealt with them on IG and settled the kettle on this one. Looking forward to kompang and silat yaaaas.

Ya after much ding dong ding dong nak ke tak nak, nak ke tak nak. We decided to just go ahead. Since we won’t have much entertainment on the day itself cos no live band, no karaoke (altho got DJ and songs la but that’s bundled with the c&d company so we dunno how the DJ will be like, but hopefully, senonoh.)

Also, was thinking of booking our accommodation this weekend but then we were both too tired and bored of wedding prep so prolly gonna push it over to next weekend instead. Anyway I just decided to happy2 try to book the room just now and discovered that on the following page after the initial page; there were all these choices of facials, massages and airport transfers. We are probably going to choose one of the airport transfers cos Penang Airport to the hotel is damn far please (but I guess that’s what you get for an unobstructed view of the ocean hehe.) But the facials and massages eh… sooo the tempting…

Oh, and then there’s the “Special Request” option. Usually what would you put in this section eh? I’ve seen troll requests from people such as putting up framed photos of Leonardo di Caprio circa Titanic, 1997 that kind hahhaha BUT WHAT ELSE? I wanna milk this experience for as much as it is worth. Please help a sister out 😉


3 thoughts on “kompang & honeymoon

  1. If you are talking about the hotel with the Panpuri spa – it is super worth it!! I went last year with my girlfriends and we all loved the massage. It is a full on pampering session complete with pre- and post-massage service… pendek kata tak menyesal nak pergi lagi pun ada 😛

  2. for special request, perhaps u can just put that you’re on yr honeymoon? short and simple and as someone who works in a hotel line, we will usually try to upgrade or arrange some ~special~ amenities/decors! hope it helps 😉

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