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wedding planning induced insomnia

it’s now Thursday morning and I still can’t sleep. too much on my mind and feeling gassy cos, #MsFlo. Contemplating taking time off tomorrow morning so I can sleep in but hmmm… dunno if I will cos my mind automatically woke up at 530 this morning (yesterday?) So…. I dunno man.

Anyway, on Tuesday night, even masa tengah penat2 like nak pengsan, I used my comp to finally list down EVERYTHING I needed to do. Like really really every single step. Although I am pretty sure I missed out things, cos, haven’t crossed that bridge yet mah. So like tengah oblivious to the demands of that task that currently exists as one bullet point lol. 

And obviously I only wrote things that I need to do, not what Mr. I needs to do. So I dunno what he needs to do. Sometimes, senang eh jadi laki… mak/kakak/adik perempuan buatkan…. like my brotherrrr. I spent many weekends breaking my back to work on his berkat lol.

So of course I’m thinking, how do I make my wedding uniquely mine? I’m not going for all the fancy customisation and crazy hullabaloo to make a STATEMENT cos what statement to make sia. Like people dunno I’m getting married like that. Macam lah boleh mistake it for a kenduri arwah…. (not possible kan?)

then I thought of wedding traditions I enjoyed as a child. Things that made me excited to attend weddings. Mostly, it was the butter cake berkat, the one with the cherry in the middle. Then reluctantly but last2 suka thrusted with duty of carrying obitly decorated bakuls and walking around and giving out jellies to kids at the majlis cos I always see the kakak2 teenagers get this task. Then the pengantin’s family yang rewang all wear this flower brooch thingy to indicate their solidarity (chey). Getting a bunga telur, playing with the bunga manggar foil “flowers/leaves” like tengah perang with pedang kind haHaha. honestly those things used to make a wedding for me… 

Alahh but not like as pengantin I can suddenly go and cabut the bunga manggar and play pedang pedang with ny husband right? Echecheche da panggil husband pulakkk 

I can haz DJ just play lagu p ramlee and malay tradisional songs for dat old school feelz but I would like some RnB cos that puts me at ease no matter what. Zumba songs makes me energetic but like… tak senonoh kan? Hahaha I think I will put on zumba songs when getting ready ke lol. Kalau tak kecoh uh. Kecoh nanti aku jugak yang migraine. 

Alah, lain hari fikir lah.

Sincerely, Girl Tak Boleh Tido


One thought on “wedding planning induced insomnia

  1. Came across your post while reading btb blogs and sis, you’re HILARIOUS! But yes, I totally get your angkat-bakul-give-out-berkat bcus that was me too once upon a time & the bunga manggar (!!!!!!), yassss I can relate! Haha. Anw, may everytg go smoothly till your big day, insya allah!

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