mini moon (part ii)

We finally settled our bookings for our mini moon!

We’ve booked AirAsia for our flight to Penang, and this super gorgeous colonial style hotel located in Georgetown that’s facing the sea, with gorgeous interior, and steeped in history ohmagaaahh cannot wait.

Can I just fast forward to December already? Forward past the wedding pun takpe lulz (eh but nanti menyesal pulak hahahah)

The only special request I asked for was a slice of birthday cake for Mr. I since we will be there during his birthday hahaha. Dalam hati actually nak mintak a whole birthday cake but err hahahaha takpe jangan nak mengada.

Settle itinerary another day lah.

Yay, two things down.


2 thoughts on “mini moon (part ii)

  1. I think I know which hotel you booked! I was highly considering going to Penang as one leg of my honeymoon.. but settled on just Langkawi due to time constraints! Have fun! There are loads of good eating places in Penang!

    1. 😊😊 my colleague recommended the place and when we checked it out online and with my fiance’s Penang friends, they were all like goooo for it! Hahaha I wanted to go langkawi too, and pangkor island also but heheh time and $$ constraints; for now don’t be too ambitious lol

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