rumah, oh rumah (part 4)

Previously, on “rumah, oh rumah”…

We left off with finally choosing our flats and submitting our application for SHG. I have been checking on and off for the status of our grant application, but so far there hasn’t been any updates on the HDB website. I’ve seen in another btb’s blog where she talked about the final grant amount which will then show the adjustment in the finalised amount of her flat. I am interested in seeing the cost of $$$ go down, down, down. But sigh, it’s not going down. COS IT’S NOT BLOODY PROCESSED YET.

Last Friday, I finally figured out why it still hasn’t been sorted out yet.

So last week, I was out the whole week due to stomach flu. And I made a few visits to the doctor’s (and many more to the toilet). I remember my mother checking our letter box on Thursday on the way back from the doctor’s but no HDB letter. Then I followed my mother out for a walk on Friday and she checked the letter box again and jeng jeng jeng, there was a letter from HDB!

Thinking it was some official letter to congratulate me for being super awesome and qualifying for the grant,  I tore it out, and lo and behold.


And best thing, deadline they gave was 14 February (yes, tomorrow). And I only got the letter last Friday. I mean hello, you guys take MONTHS to process an application, tapi bab nak paperwork dari orang, you only give me THREE working days to get it?

And the thing yang bagi darah up lagi is, the date the letter was sent – 6 February. YELAH TU. You send letter 6 Feb but I only receive it on 10 Feb leh. Then you want paperwork from me by 14 Feb. Not funny eh.

Because the document is something that Mr. I needs to settle, I pushed it to him to go call HDB to settle (hehe also cos I hate calling people).

Abe part nak call also, fulamak. On this letter they sent, they provided an invalid number. So he tried calling The Allocated HDB Officer, and that person was busy so Mr. I couldn’t get through. So he called the hotline number, only to be told all their officers were busy. LOLZ. When he finally got through, they said they will ask The Allocated HDB Officer to attend to him urgently. Last I heard from Mr. I, he finally got to talk to someone and was given three weeks to settle his paperwork.

Okay, that’s all fine and dandy. Then I also tried to click click on the My HDB Page, specifically the MyDoc@HDB link, where we need to submit this supporting document. But there is no freaking live links or anything to click on on this page! So like… what is going on? You ask people to submit something, but where is the supposed channel to submit it to?

Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it’s because the account is tied to our IC Numbers. Since it’s Mr. I’s document, maybe he will see the live links and maybe that’s why I don’t see anything. I really hope that is the case though. But still, can you imagine how inconvenient that is? Haiyah, gotta get Mr. I to go check that link through his account.

But anyway, I still made use of the HDB My Correspondence page, where you can basically send HDB officers emails and more emails on different different things. Yang part kelakar eh, is there is this one option that they make you tick if a reply is required. OF COURSE LAH THEN, YOU THINK I HAPPY HAPPY TAKDE KERJA SEND YOU GUYS EMAIL FOR FUN PE. zomgz.

Hopefully this gets settled soon.

I just realised that our HLE has expired hur hur hur. Wanted to do it last week but totes forgot about it cos of the stomach flu. Gotta get it renewed soon before our next appointment seh. (Though, I guess our next appointment is not anytime soon, seeing as the above issue belum settle…) But again, the instructions on the HDB website is maha memeningkan and super confusing. Takpelah, gotta read through it again properly on another day.

Damn, the counter is saying 9 more months to go. Something happened over the weekend that made us wish we had done our majlis walimah earlier 😦 Really sad for Mr. I if he really can’t have his wish. Then again, kita cuma merancang. Tuhan yang menentukan. Wallahualam.


6 thoughts on “rumah, oh rumah (part 4)

  1. my experience with HDB has also been far from smooth…. hahaha idk why la, bab2 gini slalu mcm cock up gila.. anyway.. it took me 2-3 months also to get my grant approved. ok cant rmb the exact duration but i rmb being damn kancheong and stalking the BTO FB group and asking the other members if they had alr gotten theirs. hahahahah #teamkancheongspider

    1. omg i just did a search on FB, berlambak seh FB groups for my estate hahaha I don’t know if I want to know who my neighbours are for now #teamhermitcrab hahaha

      1. hahaah i’m like a lurker there… i didnt wanna join either but there are plenty of useful updates there. yes it may get annoying also cos some of them bto 3-4 years siap da start to share reno tips… liek whaaaaddd?? but it’s always good to be in the know 😉

  2. I went through the exact same phase like yours. There were alot of letters from HDB back and forth, about few weeks and finally a letter like a last warning came, if you dont provide the documents, your chance for the flat will be given up or taken back, something like that. So i went down to my nearest hdb branch, submitted online via the hdb page with their help and spam emailsss till they got irritated. Hahaha. Finally they called me to verify. Then a week or so my grant approved with the amount reflected. Well, government nak kasi duit confirm susah but in shaa Allah, it will be over soon for you 🙂 byk bersabar because its going to be something worth it

    1. Oh dear, teruk seh sampaikan threaten like that hahaha, luckily you settled it. Okay lah, granted this is the only letter we have gotten, so far ok je… Yeah insya Allah it gets settled soon because it’s not a very complicated issue, just the channel of communication is not as open as we want kan. Thank you babe ❤

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