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Time flies

Every week I would realise time passes by so fast when it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m panicking cos I have nothing to report for my weekly team meeting hahahahahahahaha. Cos my department macam special siket. (Siket je ah) Anak bos will meet us specially every week to discuss developments in our projects. Other departments no need weekly meetings all, only us. Then when we have the larger scale meetings, they discuss their departments’ progress which is most of the time not applicable to my team so we mostly sit there and curse and say “Asal korang takde team meeting je kan senang. Benda haram ni takde kena mengena dengan aku seh.” ~Alkisah.

Okay but my point is. Every Monday feels like a drag, I would feel like I cannot get through the day, like I just cannot go through the life of dealing with people demanding crazy shit for yet another week. Until it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m like wondering, what the hell have I been doing all week. Of course it’s nice to see tangible results but the thing with “project management”-based job scopes is that a lot of your work is dependent on others; how fast/ slow they work or whether they are even working hurhur. Then cos we are kirakan in the “higher” ranking position, we are the ones who have to layan their kerenah or attitude. Yang over sensitive and low self esteem orang kena berbual macam layan anak kucing, yang nak kena ampu bodek baru buat kerja cepat dan betul cos they say “gaji aku gini je apa buat apa aku buat betul2, kau gaji besar kaulah yang buat kerja lebih” type, yang tak paham bahasa Inggeris lagiii aduhahahahaisss

Not to mention the eager doe eyed bushy tailed newbies lagiiii omggg hantar email berjela, mulut takde insurance and frequently blabbing and getting others into trouble, low EQ tapi perasan “star worker” sangat homaigoddd sorry la Akak ni dah penat and dah jaded and malas nak berlapik and ain’t got no time to read or write emails longer than 6 single-sentence lines. 

Okay I think I know where all that time went to; dealing with people who are trying to do their work but actually they never get anything done, AND NEITHER DO YOU.

Hais… 9 more months to the wedding. The time will just fly by as I sit at my desk every Thursday afternoon and wonder where the heck the week went. Still too early to do so many things but I have a feeling there will be a lot of scrambling happening later on. Sigh. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia kerugian… 

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