Henna recommendations

Salam girls.

Can anyone recommend a henna artist whose henna doesn’t come off as BLACK on the finger cappings?

I know it’s to do with oxidisation, the natural colour of our skin, our body temperature and how long we leave it on but thennnnnn

I still would prefer if the finger cappings come off as red or at least DARK RED instead of BLACK. Cos I dunno they look like rentung terbakar like that 😦 Like sausages I accidentally left in the oven for too long…

(Just a disclaimer: I’m not trying to be offensive but it’s just what I personally don’t like.)

the ones I like all draw AMAZING gulf-inspired henna designs but when I look at the fingers, I’m just like NOPE. Nope. No. Nope. 

I guess I can request for those inverse cappings type of designs but macam sayang dah bayar mahal-mahal but your designs like selet selet only 😦 that’s why I wanna go all out but I don’t want blackkkk henna stains T.T

Help a sister out plzzz.


18 thoughts on “Henna recommendations

  1. Kan!!!! So many turn out so black and i hate looking at it ya Allah sorry 😦 I’m torn between zubhahenna and nxedhenna altho I think the latter macam banyak designs turn out black? Haha

    1. Ya I knoww what you mean. I know it means the colour is rich and very potent but aiyahh I don’t want that colour hahaha. When I search for #inaimerah on IG all of them are Msian henna artists and it’s exactly the type of red that I want instead of the ones more common among sg henna artists… haha sedih seh

  2. I feel you, I also want the red kind.. but a lot of them look so black and the fingers look chao-tah. I think to get that color, need to do like right the night before.

    1. ya I think need to do the night before for that red colour right. But that also means as the days progress you’re gonna have black fingers for at least 1week after the wedding hahaha eee rimas hahaha

      1. Haha yah but at least its after the wedding already, so not so bad… its during the wedding that’s most important! Anyway yes, the red ones are mostly instant henna.. I dare not go for these uhh. Think I will go for natural henna and hope that my skin is not those kind that will make the stain turn black ;p

      2. yah you’re right, lagi I have eczema patches on my hands… don’t exactly want to aggravate those. I think I’ll pass on instant henna and tawakkal with natural henna not turning black on me 😛

      1. i had my wedding 3 weeks back! and sorry this advice DO NOT WORK! i woke up in the wee hours just to remove the cappings after 3 hrs as i do not want it to turn black. but it still does after 24 hrs! hahaha soooo, im not sure how else to help you but wishing u the best dear!

  3. the bright red2 type like msian artists is usually instant henna…. most instant henna is unsafe and many artists who mix their own paste wont wanna use instant henna on u… but i think nd henna does have an option to use instant henna which she claims is safe and tested 😀

    1. yaa now that i realised it’s instant henna i’m starting to get skeptical, and maybe should just go with the normal henna hahaha #indecisivegila anyway, I realised that I have unknowingly used instant henna cos we had a henna party for one of my friends and one of the artists used instant henna on us. I had no negative effects, and neither did my friends. hahaha but yalah, see how

  4. Usually for natural henna to turn dark red to almost black, you need to be committed to the good aftercare practices (avoid contact with water, apply coconut/olive oil or henna aftercare balm etc). If you don’t want it very dark, just don’t follow the aftercare practices or remove the henna paste after a shorter time than the recommended duration. This will also mean that your henna will fade faster. Let your henna artist know and they can advice. 🙂

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