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Ticking things off the list

I’ve been emailing quite a few vendors these past few days, and eagerly looking to see what else I can tick off my checklist. I keep my checklist in a Google Doc file and will just keep adding things on whenever I think about it. Then I would highlight the things I have gotten done. Which helps me to visualise exactly what I haven’t done. Which is a lot. A LOT. Hahahais

However! Happy to report I have settled a few minor things.

  • Bought myself a luggage!

Mr. I and I headed to Vivocity cos we wanted to check out Uniqlo and H&M there (nothing interesting) but instead we chanced upon a luggage sale by Tangs at the atrium of Vivo. We browsed around and compared prices and dimensions etc, and after a while decided on a Slazenger luggage which cost $89! Definitely a steal cos it was at 50% off. But, what is my wedding/wedding-related planning if it’s without a stupid/funny/slenger story.

When we first started looking at the luggage sale, there was really no one around the Slazenger corner. Most people were around the Lojel/Eminent/American Tourister corner and we weren’t there cos they were all above $150 (aka so the mahalz). I saw a colour and model I liked with the Slazenger brand, so we self-service bukak check check all and decided we will get that one. But since we were there to go see H&M originally, we decided to check with the sales person to confirm they still had stock, and that we would come back later. Also, I still couldn’t decide cos well, rasa macam inferior hahah why no one else look at this thing I want; is it not a good brand? (I still have no idea if this matters or not LOL but Mr. I said the features are good.) So we decided to walk away first to avoid that Impulse Shopping Tendency.

After browsing H&M, we walked back out to the atrium and to our horror… the colour and size I wanted was GONE. And there were at least 4 other couples/families crowded around that area, with only 1 frazzled salesperson attending to them. Then I was like OMG we cannot just wait around for this person to finish! She was dealing with this one Indian tourist family, and sampai hempas hempas the luggage on the floor for them to check hahaha.

Immediately I remembered them breaking up the Slazenger brand stock in different sections of the atrium sale (cos we saw the same brand but different model in another part of the sales floor), so IMMEDIATELY Mr. I and I ran around the sales floor to find another section with the brand that looked like the one I wanted. LOL part ni da macam Amazing Race/Running Man nak cari clue. THEN WE FOUND IT! AT THE BACK! They lined up all the stock in a row seh. But we didn’t find the size we wanted… Sekali toleh, there was a salesperson attending to a China lady and she unzipped one of the medium sized black coloured luggage and it opened up to reveal the small sized luggage.

APA LAGI. Mr. I immediately ran for the blue coloured large sized luggage, hempas on the floor, unzipped it and TADA!!! The medium size blue luggage was inside! (Then we unzipped that too to take out the small one, we extracted the medium one and stuffed the small one back in.) Part ni, dah start ramai orang keroyok at where we were cos diorang tak terlayan by the initial salesperson so everyone SELF SERVICE! Apa lagi, no need for any further deliberation and we just paid for it.

Then we went for dinner at Harbourfront Bagus. And it looked like we were gonna take a trip to Batam/Bintan. YAY! No need to think about this anymore!

Now I have a nice lightweight flexible boleh pusing pusing luggage to use for the honeymoon!

Other things I did this weekend:

  • Sent email to enquire with N.D. H/enna (Thanks to A of OurKlumsyRide!)
  • Sent email to enquire with Sh.ashal/ynn H.enna (also another ‘red henna’/inai merah henna artist)
  • Sent email to enquire wedding cakes with B/uttered Scxtc.h (cos I’m so gatal like I already decided on pulut kuning, but the naked cakes with this one IG seller is so the tempting)
  • Sent email to enquire on the candy floss and popcorn live station with T/he Par/ty Peo/ple (this one for fun cos I just curious cos I saw the postal box type of money box on FB hahaha and they said they do their live stations free flow so I just wanted to see their price list)
  • Sent a whatsapp message to RN to ask about the nikah outfits (cos girl needs to slot in her planner when to go for first appointment cos girl needs to lose some weight before that; and I’ve been slacking off on this for sooo long. They don’t seem to respond to emails very well. Which is quite funny cos I would think it’s harder to keep up with your hundreds of clients through just Whatsapp?)
  • Sent email to enquire with Wh/itela.venda on her current February promotions for wedding card invites, plus she’s also having some other promos right now which include berkat and posters I think…? Dunno I’m kinda set on doing wedding invites with k.adla/wo but that has both its pros and cons I guess. Never mind, still got time to decide.
  • Sent email to a few people whose names I forget about gubahan trays

Part nak send email to enquire and/or follow up with vendors ni, why eh, I feel so liat to do. Macam malasss gila nak buatttt. But then if never do, menyumpah sendiri. So now just waiting waiting for people to reply.

I am also super super indecisive right now with regards to:

  • Cake or pulut kuning
  • Henna
  • Wedding invites
  • Gubahan trays
  • Venue (hahahaha, yes)

I feel like if I decide already, then immediately I pay and settle, then DAH I REALLY WONT THINK ANYMORE.

But the part yang masih belum settle on the vendor, pay the deposit all… I keep going back and forth, back and forth. Penat seh. I dunno who I should ask to do my gubahan trays, or should I just buy the ready-made trays from JB and assemble myself. I dunno if I really want the red henna or not after knowing they use instant henna. I dunno if I really want to have my wedding at the void deck cos no aircon and no guarantee the place will be available for our event. I really want to have HALF cake, HALF pulut kuning but ain’t nobody got time to layan me and my kerenah. We were supposed to make a trip to JB with my abang/ Mr.I’s abang to survey wedding invite vendors this month, but we had to cancel cos Mr. I was sick for a few weekends and I was sick for one whole week due to my stomach flu. We almost bought a bag I liked that we can put as dulang hantaran gift but they didn’t have the colour I wanted anymore when we returned the second time *sobs*

Alahaiii. Takpe it’s OK, K. Breathe. Still 9 more months to go. Bismillah.


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