all the things on my mind

So many things on my mind that don’t warrant full post updates.

  • Venue: So the schedule for HIP reno is finally out for the block we were aiming for; and T.T they stated the reno will be completed in 1Q 2018. *sobs* Since I know they are completing that block second last; it is highly possible that it won’t be free in December. Now we need to think of another venue. AGAIN. Cos I don’t wanna risk it. My mom said to just use my block’s void deck and add tentage. But I’m not so keen on that cos my decor co already said they will top up $1k++ and my void deck is maha sempit HAISSSS
  • Henna: I checked with N.D.Hen/na and it turns out she wont be free in Nov and Dec 2017 cos of her own wedding preps ahaha. Aiya, anyway I’m thinking that I should stay away from instant henna je lah since my hands have active eczema patches recently. I really wanted E.shen/nafix cos I love her designs and her stains are not black (and cos she’s also a Sept 11 baby); but she said in her IG she won’t accept bookings for June onwards 😦 so sad. So now I’m looking at Z.ubha/he.nna. T
  • Gubahan trays/sireh dara: Mr. I’s siblings are covering the cost for these two items, alhamdulillah. Although I have no idea who they are engaging, and I am damn scared cos I don’t really want them to look obit. HAHAHA I know Mr. I’s taste is not obit, but if people offer to sponsor, I mean, I dunno, they didn’t really offer him/us the option to possibly choose our own vendors. Then, when they asked me to check out the sireh dara vendor they wanted to get… I saw all her sireh dara designs uses bird cages. Omg. I dunno. I never knew I hated the sight of bird cages so much until I saw that every. single. sireh. dara. had. bird. cages. of. different. sizes.  I’ve stressed to Mr. I again and again, that I don’t want bird cages on my sireh dara. Sorry la maybe I am too into literary symbolism, but I really. don’t. like. what. bird. cages. symbolise. Especially on a freaking sireh dara. I also don’t like glitter. No glitter. Please.
  • Bridesmaids: I know I’m such a huge supporter of having bridesmaids and groomsmen for other people’s wedding; but I dunno man, for my own wedding macam like I REALLY AM NOT FEELING IT. I DUNNO WHY BUT I’M NOT. I know my friends will gladly lend a helping hand but I just don’t feel comfortable at all asking people to do things for me. Especially now that three of them are married with kids, and one is in the midst of her own wedding prep. I know, that’s the point. I know. But it’s just… I think my personality lah. I really hate asking people for help. Really really. I don’t want people to know I need help. I don’t want people to offer help. I always have this feeling like people will complain if I ask them to help me, or they never take me seriously when I ask them to help. HAHAHA apa punya kelakar seram la aku ni. But I can’t possibly do everything myself. Well, actually, I can. But maybe not for my own wedding day.

But if they wear like this, why not.

From here 
  • Mini-honeymoon: We booked a red eye flight to Penang LOL cos nak kejarkan the low-priced flights punya pasal. When it would’ve made so much more sense to just leave the next day. Now we will be faced with a night of tonning at the airport (if we decide not to bunk in at the nearby budget hotel). We also booked a late flight back cos we wanted to make full use of that last day, but now I’m thinking, if only we flew back earlier on that day, then we can go for a staycation or Batam/Bintan for the weekend instead hahahaha. But I think tak usah lah banyak songeh, K.
  • Post-wedding living arrangements: My mom still thinks we will be staying at my place after we get married. She was talking about beds and whatnot for the “new room that is not meant to be”, and I got quite agitated cos of reasons I shall not divulge. To be honest, I also don’t want to stay at my place after the wedding because it’s my brother’s ‘O’ Levels year next year, and I would prefer him to keep his room so that he can study in peace. If I take over his room, he might be relegated to the living room, and I really do not want to do that to him next year 😦 So I mean, I don’t mind buying a queen sized bed frame + mattress so that we can use if and when we stay over at my place in the future, but I really don’t want to spend more $$ on any other furniture. So the “bridal room” DIY also has to be as low-cost as possible.
  • Pulut kuning: Can it be March already? I really want to get this pulut kuning order over and done with.
  • HDB grant application. This thing is seriously super annoying. We cannot submit the outstanding supporting document online because the website keeps having errors when Mr. I wants to submit. He emailed the general email account (dunno why they don’t give out The Allocated HDB Officer’s email) I mean, hello, all the data privacy issues with this kan but what to do cos the system is being super annoying. And then, just yesterday, they sent an SMS saying they received the document. SO NOW I DUNNO THEY RECEIVED ALREADY OR NOT SIA COS THEY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE HIS EMAIL. Cos I got another letter from them to send the thing AGAIN. Manyak leceh la lu.
  • Nikah outfit with RN. So I finally received a reply from the RN team regarding my query. I just want to know when the first appointment will be sehh. Now I know it’s 3 months before our date, and they will set the appointment, and we are to come ready with our ideas of colours and designs. Hopefully it doesn’t clash with Mr. I’s reservist dates… If it does, then I guess I will just have to go on my own. And hope that Mr. I is not cerewet about his baju kurung BUT WHO AM I KIDDING. I KNOW HE WILL BE hahahaha
  • Dulang items. My friend was advising that we buy ONE thing every month so we spread out the expenditure, but I dunno if it’s too early to do that, and plus, we are waiting for GSS (which, again I’m not sure berbaloi ke tak eh).
  • Wedding heels. Yes I want to wear heels cos it helps improve my posture and it makes the outfits look better but I don’t want to appear taller than Mr. I, and I only have a threshold of up to 2.5 inches max. And I cannot wear stiletto-type heels (ie they have to be block-type heels). And my feet are huge. And I need shoes with straps or else I cannot walk. And I need to buy in advance so I can break them in. My friend said to try out Mustafa, and my mom said to try out that shoe shop in Joo Chiat that sells larger sizes. Tengok lah nanti. Shoe shopping is superbly extremely demoralising for me.

That’s it for now. I’m sure more things will crop up over the weekend.

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