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love me some good progress

Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one.

Wanted to start by getting this off my chest first. Some people eh, they see something nice and  of good quality, immediately they think EXPENSIVE, GOLD DIGGER, DON’T KNOW HOW TO BUDGET, KEEP SPENDING MONEY.

These people eh, really caveman thinking, katak bawah tempurung, hati orang bodoh itu dimulutnya, lidah orang cerdik dibelakang hatinya, bagai jelongak kerbau rampung, besar bungkus tak berisi. (Ha kau, semua peribahasa dah keluar.)

They don’t know the existence of these things called PROMOTIONS, BARGAIN HUNTING, PRICE COMPARISONS, RESEARCH, ASK FIRST BEFORE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS AND JUDGEMENTS, if you assume you make an ass out of (mostly) U (not me). Nak kata bodoh, pergi sekolah. Hari-hari pulak tu dia pergi sekolah. Sampai tua dia pergi sekolah. Maybe tu sebab lah eh. If I follow what you say eh, then aku bersaksi ke lutut. Nescaya aku ibarat bermain-main dengan kerbau, dilontarkan muka ke ekornya lahaii.

Oh how I love peribahasa. So many sophisticated insults to be learnt. Now that’s out of the way, onto the good progress part!

Booked my pulut kuning!

I was really looking forward to having the beautiful pulut kuning by Pu.lut Ku.ning Galo.re (go check ’em out if you haven’t… the piped roses made from mashed potato is superbly well done) but alas, they were not available for our date 😦 SO SAD PLEASE. Apakan daya, tiada jodoh kita. Nangis terisak-isak tepi bucu katil sambil melayan perasaanku yang hiba.

So I immediately did a search on FB and IG for more pulut kuning vendors but unfortunately, the ones I found on FB were too old skool for my liking (or, it’s just that, tiada yang setanding dengan keayuan pulut kuning from PKG).

However, on IG, I found Di.ansa/rasb! They do both cakes and pulut kuning and, although the pulut kuning may not look like PKG’s, at least they were not as “dated” looking as the other pulut kuning vendors (personal opinion only hor!) Plus point that they are based in Jurong, so hopefully insyaAllah it will be easy for them to send to my place. The price they quoted included 1 cake and 50 pulut-in-a-cups, and is inclusive of delivery and setup; and for all that, it’s super affordable! PKG’s quotes were around the same price range too, but maybe a little less quantity for the pulut cups. Alhamdulillah I have soft booked with Di.ansa/rasb for this one. Dah, K. No need rambang mata tengok naked wedding cake all like watching porn like that ah.

If anyone is looking for pulut kuning, in terms of customer service I would recommend both PKG and Di.ansa/rasb; cos they replied so fast and not the malas nak layan potential customers kind. In terms of taste, I belum rasa cos I relied on their past customer testimonial; but I guess I can always make a small order to taste test.

Booked vendor for wedding invites!

Some time ago, I enquired with Wh.itela/venda regarding their February promotion after sending to Mr. I their IG post and him saying “Waaa, lawa”. Then, during our weekly wedding planning meeting, Mr. I suddenly brought it up and said “Let’s just do our wedding cards in Singapore.” Which I was quite relieved to hear cos even though macam best nak travel to JB (almaklum I tak travel keluar negeri sangat), I do know that we will be quite stretched when it comes down to crunch time. Just limit JB trips to find berkat. Kalau liaise dengan orang SG hopefully tak banyah songeh sangat, insya Allah. (Tapi yang tetap banyak songeh is Mr. I hahaha; tak nak banyak bunga lah, nama nak kena nampak terang-terang lah, kenapa IG tak tunjuk the design on the back -.- sabar, sabar… dah sayang… terima sajalah seadanya…) We also added on a welcome board and directional signages. Just one thing to note – it wasn’t indicated in the T&C that envelopes will be included, so I confirmed with her that they will be provided (cos I tak nak assume assume ni semua. assumptions not good you know. see first section of this post. got relation you know.) DAH, deposit paid and settle the kettle, baby.

Scrapped our plan for dulang hantarans!

YES. I don’t know about you, but once I decided that we can personally do away with this, I felt such a huge relief off my shoulders. LIKE OMG YES NO NEED TO SEARCH FOR THINGS TO PUT ON DULANG THAT IS JUST THERE COS OF I DUNNO WHAT. Instead Mr. I will just give me 1 dulang for hantaran + mas kahwin + cincin, and maybe 1 cake. I will also have just 1 dulang for his ring and if he’s giving a cake, I can give a cake too. Dah, no need to think about all these kebendaan and duniawi all hahaha. Anyway, I am on a quest to reduce my belongings and possessions; cos after all, I now exist day-to-day with minimal items, and my hoarder past needs to keep up with the times. I used to really like shopping, but it’s becoming more of a chore these days. Akak dah tak kuasa nyah.

We might have found a better venue!

It’s still a void deck in my neighbourhood but it’s super spacious and the area around it is super spacious and airy, and most importantly, they are done with the HIP reno! Just that, I tengah nervous to book that void deck because it’s quite a few blocks and one main road away from mine, and even though I have it in writing that we can book any void deck as long as it is under the same GRC, I’m still nervous hahaha. I also nervous nak bilang mak I sebab mak I cakap jangan susahkan diri and just do at our own void deck hahaha. But if we book this one, we don’t need to pasang tentage, so $$$ saved! Tapi itulah, mak-mak ni susah nak di-persuade bila diorang dah set their mind on something. Tak nak dengar pendapat orang. Bila bab orang nak dengar pendapat dia, expect orang agree immediately HAHAHA biasa~ They forget that it’s a two-way street!

Right on budget, insya Allah!

We did our calculations again based on what else we need to pay for, what more we need to engage and how much we can save in the meanwhile. We are right on track alhamdulillah. While waiting for the three D-day months whereby we will only eat white bread celup Milo from office vending machine everyday, that is. But that day won’t come so soon, so better step up on the savings while we can. Now that we scrapped the dulangs, we got more $$ to move around! Insya Allah we will save enough without needing to have people pity-sponsor us lulz (but those yang ikhlas dah offer TYSM ILY), or start our marriage in debt or penniless. Insya Allah tak, please ya Tuhan, jauhkanlah perkara-perkara buruk, and luaskanlah rezeki kami berdua amiin.

Alhamdulillah to a productive wedding planning weekend 🙂 Jauhkanlah orang-orang yang letak otak kat lutut dari hidupku ini, amiin.


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