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Trip to JB (in summary)

Last Sunday, my Abang and SIL accompanied me to JB to survey for wedding favours and miscellaneous items. Namely, we targeted two areas in JB: Larkin and Angsana Mall.

So many things deviated from our original plans but I’m actually quite happy with how things transpired in the end. Lesson to learn; just let things go, just go with the flow.

We were supposed to go with my bro and SIL last month but I was down with stomach flu, then Mr. I was supposed to go with us last Sunday but eventually he had babysitting duties, so… I got to spend time with my bro and SIL and pretend I’m like the only child HAHAHA cos they kept covering for my transport fees and treating me to drinks all.

Anyway, our original plan was just to have my Abang and SIL bring me to Larkin; where they normally frequented for their wedding preps. And because we covered the grounds quite fast, they also made the split-second decision to go to Angsana Mall too (which I wasn’t expecting to go to haha but all the more happy to go cos we found better deals and better items there). Our travelling was very the rugged hahaha but I like cos still the journey was smooth. And we only ate a full meal on the way back to SG customs, but it’s OK cos we had cemil-cemilan along the way and a full stomach could be distracting for shopping haha.

Still, I’m contemplating on whether to go to Ayer Hitam or not. We have a distant relative whose job is really just to ferry Singaporeans into Malaysia and be their chauffeur wherever they want to go haha, and she does a lot of driving jobs for makcik-makcik nak shopping kain and orang nak kahwin nak cari berkat all. She will intro us to the owners of these kahwin-kahwin shops, then when they see her face, they will give us customers discounts haha. I also feel like I want to go back to PISB at Ayer Hitam cos that place really berhantu seh guys (as in, rambang mata, not haunted haha). The first time I went there was cos of Abang’s wedding.

My only thing with Ayer Hitam is that, IT IS SO BLOODY FAR OUT. I didn’t realise just how far out it was until one day, I decided to check out Google Maps for fun, then I realised that Ayer Hitam is all the way up Johor (almost near Melaka). Our abovementioned relative even said, “Nak pergi Nilai 3 tak? Dia macam Ayer Hitam tapi 10 kali ganda” LOL. Ayer Hitam je dah mabuk… So I tried to search for Nilai 3 too, and it’s all the way in Negeri Sembilan and is so near KL, then might as well go KL/Shah Alam sekali right HAHAHA.


So the tempat kahwin-kahwin is all here ok guys. Larkin, Angsana, Ayer Hitam, Nilai 3, KL/Shah Alam. Anyone want to add on other recommendations? Siapa rajin nak travel ke semua tempat, dipersilakan eh.

Anyway, I’m going to write another entry on our JB trip in detail but that will take more time cos it’s a bit overwhelming for me too hahaha.


5 thoughts on “Trip to JB (in summary)

  1. Nilai is such a very puaka place. Mcm nk pengsan mengila betul kain kain dia. Boleh stress cabut rambut semua. Serious. Hahaha! But the journey is tk mampu for me. For abt 5hrs it would be better if you plan a night stay over or smth. Heh.

    1. omg you went to Nilai?? I feel very gatal and want to go look-see, but I know pergi jauh-jauh just to tengok buat apa seh hahaha

      1. I went about 2 yrs ago to cari kain for baju raya. Very afforable cos its about 3 sets of kain for abt rm100??? Not sure whats the prices now. Haha. You can try and see they have alot of ayat ayat frames and carpets. Bawak foldable kipas cos its hot! Hahaha.

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