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Wanted to list out the list of things I have in mind to DIY because I don’t know how many things I am planning to DIY, and maybe after listing them out I will whittle down to what I eventually want to do myself, and what to get someone else to do for me.

Bunga pahar

Work needed: There is the buying of the bunga pahar flowers, the boiling of eggs, the wrapping of eggs in the bunga pahar casing, the sticking of the bunga pahar into the stand.

Skill level: Low. Just buy, boil eggs and assemble.

Verdict: We’ve been DIY-ing this anyway so should be no problems.

Bunga rampai 

Work needed: Buy the bunga rampai rempah, rosewater, the little-little crushed flowers, work on the casing of the bunga rampai and its decoratives, buy the nicer bigger flowers to top off the bunga rampai.

Skill level: Medium. Might face some problems in finding the rempah, rosewater and crushed flowers.

Verdict: We’ve been DIY-ing this too, just maybe need to travel a bit further to find a mama shop that sells the rempah, rosewater and crushed flowers (if the ones nearer to my place don’t have them.) I very much prefer the traditional bunga rampai as opposed to the macam pembesar punya penipu “potpourri” types LOL (personal preference only hor! I am a purist when it comes to these things.)

Bunga manggar

Work needed: I wasn’t actually around when my sisters and mother assembled this for my brother’s wedding, but since they did it without much story, should be fine.

Skill level: No idea, see above.

Verdict: Probably gonna DIY since my mom said she already has whatever thing we need (maybe only the galah though, I’m sure the actual bunga manggar has long been trashed.) Also, who still remembers the times when the sticks were stuck into PINEAPPLES??!

Wedding Favours

Work needed: Buy the favours, check to see all boxes are good to go (no dents or bengkak-bengkuk), lug them back to SG, tie ribbon or twine (optional, still thinking) and paste “thank you” sticker (or, customised thank you sticker, which means needs to customise sticker LOL), or selitkan a “thank you” tag in the bow ribbon.

Skill level: Low to Medium (depends on bow-tying abilities)

Verdict: Since my mom is agreeable to the favours we scouted the other day, highly likely we will go with it. And maybe just to make it “look nice”, I was thinking to slot in the thank you tag when tying a ribbon/twine around the box. Kalau malas, just paste a thank you sticker. Kalau terlebih malas, tak payah buat anything sudah.


Work needed: There is the creation/buying of props, procuring instant cameras and portable printers, and paper to print the photos on; all of which my sisters already have because they were in charge of this for my brother’s wedding. I just need to supply them $$ to replenish the goods.

Skill level: High. Need to know how to operate the camera and portable printer without spoiling them, and must have thick face (see below).

Verdict: This helped my cousins occupy themselves during my brother’s wedding, cos we made them walk around table to table and ask people if they want to take photos and write in guestbook LOL. Way to use manpower. And for some reason, my relatives were so ONZ about this (when they normally weren’t so enthu at other people’s weddings… pelikz)


Work needed: I have two ideas for this.

Idea #1: Take some halal couple photos (both of ourselves and not of ourselves only haha), print them using some photobook website (check first that we can write on the pages after that), and have people write on it. (If they want, no one’s forcing anybody.)

Skill level: Medium.

Commitment level: Need to ask someone to be our photographer (OR pakai timer sudah). Then need to arrange on the photobook software, print and wait for printer to send all.

Idea #2: Put my watercolour skillz to good use. Thinking to get a plain A4 sized drawing pad thing and doodle stuff like wreaths, banners and succulents, something like a compiled greeting card thingy lol.

Skill level: High. I am overestimating my abilities to draw.

Commitment level: I did not think this through. I will have to draw on every page and that can take me months LOL.

Verdict: I might just use a plain unlined notebook, decorate the front cover ala kadar and maybe watercolour doodle something every few pages. See how rajin I am in the months to come.

Money Box 

Work needed: Need to find a design I like, boxes to fit the design I like, fabric or paper for the outer part of the box and decorative items. Need to figure out how to get the money out without destroying the box, need to figure out how to secure the money box to the table to deter unsavoury events (cable tie? but where to tie it hahaha).

Skill level: 1l2dlu

Verdict: I still need to do this, no matter what LOL.

Bridal veil

Work needed: Source for kain, have my mom sew the kain to my liking LOL

Skill level: My mom’s skill levelz hahaha.

Verdict: I am still wondering if this is necessary. This will be for my nikah outfit since I am not taking the one RN has (actually dunno if they would still offer me, I guess I will find out). I can also ask my mak andam if she has a matching veil I can use I guess.

Bridal room

Work needed: buy new furniture (bed, mattress, pillows, dressing table, floor-length curtains, fairy lights, bunga-bunga cinta), banishing all existing furniture that doesn’t fit the (non-existent) theme, paint the room and everything else I have not thought of.

Skill level: MAHA High.

Verdict: No choice but to do lor. Then need to coordinate carefully since I am taking over my brother’s room (and then abandoning it LOL).



Aiyah, thinking about all this is draining me. Good luck to me. All the bust. (hahaha)


4 thoughts on “DIY Projects

  1. For the money box, I bought a box from IKEA and wrapped it up with nice paper and artificial flowers. You can find a range of different sizes of boxes there. If you need ribbons, Kin Soon has a wide selection that is pretty affordable. I had a lot of fun with DIY for my wedding. All the best!

    1. Oh those are great ideas! I’m sure DIY projects are fun; it’s just that you need to have excellent time management right!

  2. I used some random box (I remember seeing a picture of hot water dispenser on the box??) found in the store room and used it for a money box haha. But wrapped nicely lah of course everything can be found in daiso! And setakat pakai double sided tape to place it on the table. My makciks all jaga around the area so selamat lah alhamdulillah haha. Tak susah lah! Can be done the day before also if you feeling feeling adventurous haha

    1. Ya actually my workplace berlambak kotak ahahah just nak ngecek with pakcik warehouse je. Nak buat the day before memang boleh, tapi nanti kena piat telinga by my mom bahahaha

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