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Trip to JB: Checkpoints (Part 1)

Start here in case you want to read the overview. 

Earlier this year I asked my SIL and brother if they can accompany me to JB and to show me the places they went to when they were doing their own wedding preps. And show me around these two lovely souls did.

Met them first thing in the morning on bus 913 on the way to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. I took the bus from Woodlands bus interchange, and was supposed to meet them in the bus itself (cos they took from my SIL’s place). Please note there are a few bus bays for buses 911, 912 and 913 at Woodlands MRT, so you need to see properly which one you should take. The buses come very frequently so if you want to avoid the queues at Jurong or Kranji; go to Woodlands and take these buses, but you will need to get off at the train checkpoint bus stop and walk in to the Singapore checkpoint.

Due to the uber frequency of the buses, I didn’t want to get on the wrong bus, and I was on the phone with my brother while trying to see if the plate number of the bus that my brother was reciting was the same as that of the bus pulling into the berth. And, at that precise moment, this makcik decides to go “Assamaleikum, Assamaleikum. Nak pergi KL naik bas kat mana eh?” in my face. *smacks forehead* Nope, the fact that I was on the phone, TALKING, does not stop her from saying this repeatedly. The queue for the bus was already moving, and there was a long line of people behind me, and this makcik was persistently asking me. I got off the phone, told her very calmly “Sorry makcik saya tak tahu,” and off I went. If I had two seconds more I would have redirected her to the SMRT office.

I honestly don’t know why these type of people exist. They’re like the humans that God sends to us as “tests”. Because, logically, there are so many other Malays at the bus interchange (this is Woodlands we are talking about), and kalau takde pun, you can always approach the staff in uniforms. Why approach a person who is queuing up and already boarding a bus? And logically, her question doesn’t make sense. No one takes a bus from the Woodlands bus interchange to go to KL. Surely you would have asked around before you embarked on this journey right makcik? Oh well, I sure hope she found the bus to get to KL anyways.

So we got on the bus, got off at the Train checkpoint bus stop and walked in all the way to the Singapore checkpoint. On the way there, we passed by the Train checkpoint entrance and decided that maybe next time we can try taking the train. Apparently you can buy the train tickets at the office on the first level, and although they sell out very early in the day, you can buy in advance (I think lah).

Sampai Singapore checkpoint, my bro and SIL were going ‘Deal or No Deal’ at each other when we saw the queue LOL. Initially it was a ‘Deal’, but then when we were nearing our turn, we realised that the line next to us was also using our lane’s passport scanning machine cos some idiot at the front spoiled it. Then these officers also so pandai never close off that lane, so we had to share with this lane… Kan buat lambat seh. After I scanned my passport and was walking off, I heard one of the kakak officers say “Uncle, tomorrow also can use phone. Now you scan passport first!” Apparently, “Uncle” tak dengar kata, so another abang officer also started shouting “Uncle! Scan first! Uncle! Stop using your phone!” LOL

Once all three of us cleared SG checkpoint, my SIL literally grabbed us and we literally ran for this ~bus~ (I’m not gonna say here cos tak nak spoil market hahaha). We paid RM2 each for this trip to the Malaysian checkpoint. It’s so much faster.

Once we reached Malaysian checkpoints, same ‘Deal or No Deal’ game was played. It was 50-50. The lines were long but they seemed to move along fine. But then, the Chinese couple in front of us decides to turn around, smile and wave, and shouted for their friends to come over. *Cue cut queue* (LOL) Brother wants to roundhouse kick these people, SIL tells him to calm down. We chatted and bitched for a while more and finally, it was our turn to get les passeports chopped. I think we queued for about an hour.

However, right at the moment when I stepped up to the counter, the abang customs changed… The new one was named Farizal, and the old one was named Farizul. Farizul was still standing around to talk to Farizal, who looked nervous. Muka diorang pun akan-akan sama. Farizal chopped my passeport tidily and very meticulously, which my bro later commended him for. Suka hati korang lah.

Finally, we were admitted to Malaisie and free to roam about this wild country full of wedding-related ideas and slight chance of danger.

And since this post is getting too long, I shall continue in the next one…


6 thoughts on “Trip to JB: Checkpoints (Part 1)

  1. Hey babe u shd try taking the train! My mom always books hers on easybook website (u can get return tix at the same time or when u arrive at jb but always do it in advance for going back cuz always sold out) It’s so much more convenient.

    Once at jb u can choose to take grab everywhere too! Only thing is the trains run at limited slots so it’s best if you have planned out a whole day, u can take the mrng train and come back on the last train or second last train. 🙂

  2. Agree that the train is the best way to travel – will never take the bus anymore to JB! If the train tix are sold out for the trip back, we take private drivers and buy lots of groceries at the same, to make the amount we pay more worth it.

    Anyways I know what RM2 bus you’re referring to hahaha.. if got opportunity to take that one, quickly take!

    1. Ahh okay that’s a good tip to get the private drivers and buy groceries! (Private drivers are those people who say “Singapore Singapore” to your face right as you stepped into Malaysia kan hahaha orang baru datang dia da nak send balik)

      1. Yes correct so funny the way you say it!!! If you like a driver, get his number so i you can engage him again. Last week, my family took a driver back after buying groceries and wedding bedsheet set from Angsana hehehe

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