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Woefully woe-d


Problem sia my neighbourhood… I thought once finished with the bloody toilet reno upgrading works da settle ah. Now suddenly we have notices EVERYWHERE for this blasted S.P/g.roup want to do more excavation and cable construction works around until NOVEMBER. mak aiiii. If you start and finish on time takpe jugakkk… I think it’s fair to say they highly likely won’t finish on time 😁😁😁 😬😬😬

Though I haven’t checked if this will affect the block we decided to do our walimah at but hrnghhh got chance the same thing will happen seh. 

We aren’t interested in spending on the venue to be in a CC or what cos of all the extraterrestrial costs and manpower/logistics/coordination levels required hrnghhh but kalau da macam gini then HAO NAO BRAUN KAU. Nampak gaya will need to spend more sehh hrnghhhh 

Bridal Henna

Ladies, I cannot decide who to get for henna seh hahaha 

Can someone please tell me what is their criteria for a henna artist? And recommendations? And horror stories I should look out for so I can hopefully avoid them? (Now that I’m OK with natural henna especially after our lengthy debate on how to avoid black finger cappings by all you super helpful and knowledgeable ladies, tyvm!) 

Tok kadi

Mr. I told me yesterday that his cousin is getting re-licensed as a naib kadi. This Mr. I eh, if he tells me things like this it’s always in the middle of another conversation and crops up so suddenly. He went “Boleh eh, Abang M tau jadi tok kadi kita. Cik N say he is going back.”

Me: Suka hati you lor. You’re the one facing him you decide la HAHAHAHA it’s either you face my dad or your cousin, you better don’t joke around ah. 

Him: Better Abang M than your dad hehehe no la… No la I won’t joke joke.

I swear, if he gives his 😜😜 face during nikah… I’ll piat his telinga. Ya Allah jauhkanlah please. After nikah it’s fine go do all your faces sureee it’s fine. but… not during ehhh pleaseee. 

~all the problems in the world…. dunya, dunya… ini semua dunya… cobaaaaaan!!!


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