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The Search for Love at First Sight

No, not talking about Mr. I huahuahua.

I’m talking about shoes! A.k.a. I have found the perfect heels for the wedding!

I have very specific criteria for my wedding heels:

  • cannot be pumps – they will pinch my toes and I will be a grumpy cat.
  • must have straps around the ankles – or else I will risk becoming Cinderella, and my ankles will hurt
  • cannot be higher than 2 inches – my ankles will hurt and I don’t want to be taller than Mr. I
  • must be block heels – my ankles will hurt and the ball of my feet will hurt and I cannot balance on normal thin heels or stilettos
  • most importantly, cannot be too tight – this is always a problem because my left foot is larger than my right.

The “kedai kasut untuk kaki2 besar” in Joo Chiat is seriously a saviour. I used to go there when I was younger, and now I’m back again. Thank you dear people for bringing in shoes for us with hobbit feet.

OMG I really love these shoes. Mr I was immediately all @.@ once I tried it on. I tried on all the champagne/nude/gold glittery heels they had, and he was like @.@ for all hahaha but when I grabbed this he was really @.@ It’s so pretty with a blush nude satin and champagne glittery finish. Not too blingy but still blingy so kirakan ada “feel” for special occasions. Alhamdulillah.


I am philosophical when it comes to shoes. For me, shoe-shopping is really a matter of:

What is meant for you will reach you even if it is between two mountains. What is not meant for you won’t reach you even if it is between your lips.

Not even kidding. It’s really a matter of FATE and I have had to understand this from a very young age. Always envying the shoe designs other girls wore while I wore old lady sandals (cos that time don’t have as many shops, and my feet were huge-r for as long as I remember).

I feel like finding shoes is like finding a life partner.

  1. Just because the shoe looks so good, everyone wants to wear it, and it is expensive (assuming expensive = quality), doesn’t mean it actually is good for you. It might pinch you in all the places you never thought you could get hurt. It might be that everyone wants to wear it, or something like it, but soon you find out it doesn’t suit you. It might be expensive (assuming quality), but it turns out to be shit, and you are already $200++ poorer with a bruised heel and bleeding toes.
  2. Then, maybe the shoe is fugly and expensive but you had to buy it anyway because it had a reputation (for being reliable, comfortable etc). You might hate it every time you put it on, go out with it, but after a while, when you realise how it has always been there for you, how it has supported you through so much, but all you do is feel disgust and contempt for it… You can go do solat taubat for abit.
  3. Then there are times when you are hesitant about buying a new pair of shoes, but you need one. However, you just don’t know if you want to go through the heartbreak of finding out if the shoe won’t fit or if the shoe will hurt you. But then you study the shoe better, and you realise that it looks good to you (maybe not to others) and feels comfortable (at first try). It looks like it fits the criteria of the type of shoe you know you would ever want. You’re not too sure, but something in your gut tells you there’s no harm trying again since it passes all your conditions right at the start. If things happen along the way between you and the shoes — we’ll just figure out a way to move on. And then you try to hang on to it for as long as you can because you can’t imagine life without it. So you go through many lengths to fix things and prolong its shelf life and usability. And when it’s finally done and dusted, you will feel so sayang to throw it away, but sometimes you know all good things must come to an end.

Hahaha. OK I tell you la my initial thoughts to my relationship with Mr. I is like the third scenario; although the ending of the third paragraph is more directed towards all my shoes I had in the past, rather than Mr. I, cos insya Allah with God’s will I pray we can see life through with each other by the other’s side.

Okay dah. Habis dah malam falsafah kita ya kawan-kawan. Nak cakap pasal wedding shoes terpelesong cakap pasal life partner pulak.

Peace out!


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