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Trip to JB: Larkin (Part 2)

Sorry this took me so long haha.

So we left off after getting our passports chopped by Farizul and Farizal (read here).

Oh, I have to say that this kind of a journey is for those of us without transport haha. Of course if you are travelling in a car, no need to know about all these lah. But in case you are like me, car-less, do know that making these trips is s till possible.

My bro and SIL hadn’t changed their money, so they headed directly for the money changer that you will see upon leaving the Malaysian checkpoints/CIQ. I dunno why we always have this mentality that it’s better to change currency in your home country, maybe in some cases it is better, but I find the rates are comparable leh. Maybe not a good idea in terms of safety, especially if you’re changing a large amount of cash. But we only had about RM150 each.

My SIL insisted on going to Starbucks for coffee, and also to treat me for waiting quite a while for them haha (not that I mind, but orang nak kasi free tu kebas sajelah!) Anyway, I hadn’t had Starbucks or Coffee Bean in a while, and we were all exchanging comments about how $$ is now seen as “wasted” if we drink these coffees haha. Dulu masa belum nak kawin, spend je nonstop with no care in the world.

To get to Starbucks, we crossed the CIQ bridge, but to get to the bus terminal at CIQ, we needed to cross back the bridge. Initially we took the escalator at the wrong side. So once we got on the right side of the bridge, you will see all the buses chaotically lined up trying to leave the terminal. There doesn’t seem to be a sign anywhere that states what buses go where. So my bro just went up to some pakcik sitting in one corner looking busy and asked him where the bus to Larkin was. Pakcik pointed to where we were standing and just told us to wait. We waited for a few minutes until the bus to Larkin pulled up… and stopped right in front of a puddle. *smacks forehead* OK takpe, but… just as my SIL was about to board, the bus started moving, to avoid the puddle *smacks forehead again*. Finally we got on board and paid RM5 for 3 persons (macam mana dia kira aku pun tak tahu…) and went on our merry way to Larkin.

(As I am writing this, I think there’s a CW bus that you can take from Jurong East that goes straight to Larkin terminal, but I haven’t checked that out.)

It wasn’t a very eventful ride to Larkin, although the bus was stuffy, and halfway through the journey the driver suddenly opened up the back door and abam2 bangla who were standing decided to move nearer to the door to feeling-feeling nostalgia negeri sendiri.

Once we reached Larkin, we headed straight to an alteration store because my SIL’s mom pesan for something to be altered. The alteration shops were situated in the newly-renovated part of the building (according to my bro) cos the floors, walls and exterior of the shops were clean and wasn’t stuffy. My SIL said there are some of the more “famous” shops that people would send their kain to for baju kurung tempah. (No idea if true or not LOL since my mom has always been the one to sew my baju kurung for me.) Then we walked back out to the older part of the building (past some shops which sold those celebrity health and skincare products). It reminded me of Pasar Geylang actually, the whole layout and feel.

So we finally got to the first kahwin-kahwin store, which was Syarikat Thong Seng. This was the first shop that was very visible and easy to get to. The whole shop was very organised and bright. There was walking space (which is not a given in the other shops we went to haha) BUT the salesgirls all looked super clueless (and were super clueless about the things we asked for). The shop is considered tiny as compared to the others I will mention later. The quote for the berkat item that we asked for was one of the more expensive. And the way they try to explain to us on the cost and the quantity they have in stock, macam tak confident, so as pelanggan, kita pun tak confident. (Nak kena makan barang B. Con-fi-thent yang King Coco promote).

My bro and SIL then brought me to Joo Bee, which was so much better in terms of customer service. The salespeople were super friendly Chinese aunties and kakaks and they were super efficient on answering our questions on the price quoted (dapat discount ke tak), how much stock they have, how much in advance to order, boleh sempat bagi ideas how to decorate lagi. The shop is a bit messy and the floor space to walk around is quite limited, we constantly had to dodge purposely ignorant pakciks who then sengaja langgar-langgar orang even after aku kasi satu bisikan syahdu pekikan TUMPANG LALU, and weave around people. We were quite happy with the quote they gave, and I almost macam nak beli je terus but Abang said, sabar let’s just walk around to survey.

Anyway, while we were walking from the alteration store to Thong Seng/ Joo Bee, we also passed by one or two kedai kahwin-kahwin that we decided to check out.

So we ventured back to the cleaner, newly-renovated part of the building and stopped by this one shop called Sri Andaman Zainah. The items they had on display were bunga pahar, gubahan dulang and some wedding favour items scattered around. It was quite clear to see what was on display but the shop was quite small, so it was clear to see the lady boss (I’m assuming), seated at the table and working on the assembly of wedding favours. I find her bunga pahar designs are quite pretty and attractive, and she has those rustic rose designs, the flower pom-poms and other designs. She also had the fork and spoon set we were looking for, and we asked her if she can provide 500 pieces of those. She told us we have to order in advance as she needed time to assemble them (assembling in this case means, she was tying some ribbon around the box to “beautify” it). I also almost felt like just buying from here (I really need a restraining order) but then the lady boss kept saying “belum tentu boleh dapat 500 piece tau, kena order sekarang”. Knowing we only had +/- RM450 between the three of us, we took some pics for reference and said our thanks and goodbyes.

My bro and SIL wanted to buy some keropok, so we headed towards the pasar on the bottom most level. By this time, I have no idea which level what is at haha. However, on the way down, we saw one kedai emas sitting in the middle of nowhere and told my SIL and bro that I wanted to take a look. So my SIL loves gold jewelry haha and of course she said yes. My bro on the other hand had that -___- face (the same face Mr. I made while we were surveying gold bracelets in Geylang today hahaha).

However, on the way to the gold shop, we saw two other kedai kahwin-kahwin right next to it, but I wouldn’t recommend either of them ’cause they really jacked up the prices like omaigad seriously; and also not professional in dealing with potential customers at all. But then I thought macam, abit sedih cos these are the Malay sellers and their standard is like that. Of course people will go for the Chinese sellers as they are more professional and reputable. How to support semangat keusahawanan and kemasyarakatan like that right. Especially for something as large-scale as a wedding; you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Anyway we finally looked at the products on display at the gold shop and, I dunno, macam kelakar to have a gold shop in that place like, got no security. So makes me doubt if the gold is tulen or celup haha. Oh wells.

By this time, I was happy to go off already but it was still early and I had been telling my bro and SIL about Angsana since the trip started. So we made a split-second impromptu decision to head to Angsana pulak. Honestly if my bro wasn’t around I wouldn’t dare do these type of impromptu decisions. I think it’s just how he looks and acts (even though I know he can be quite blur and temperamental at times) that will make you feel safe to be around him hahaha. Nasib baik dapat Abang like this; sayang Abang ❤

Angsana is a whole different story, and I’ll blog about this in Part III cos this one is getting too damn long haha.

Till then!


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