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Change of plans

Wow there really has been too many changes to our initial plans since we got engaged last year. Now we are down to 8 months and I am trying to get as much as possible of the little nitty gritties off the to-do list. Some things happened and it just turned everything on its head sigh. My uncomplicated plan was so well thought out. I guess in an alternate reality I could’ve gotten what I wanted. But I have to have faith that God’s plans will be best for me. 

I am still trying to get to terms with not having the wedding at my choice venue. This is the biggest challenge for me personally for reasons I will not elaborate on. 

I am OK with not shopping for materialistic stuff for dulang hantarans. The shopping for THE items is a stress I can do without.

I have also decided to change the mas kahwin from initial plan of gold bangle/bracelet to my wedding ring je; cos really, none of the gold bracelets we looked at caught my fancy and it was getting sooo stressful. I didn’t want to spend on something I didn’t really want, but I found a ring I reeeally liked. Still I was hesitant cos it cost slightly more than I wanted to spend. And I kinda feel like an ass for making Mr. I spend so much for me even if he wants to. So I discussed with my mom and she was agreeable to the change. Which made me sooo happy cos I really do love that ring. It really SPOKE to me in a way that none of the gold bracelets did. Alhamdulillah.

Sigh. I still cannot visualise how my wedding will look like so I cannot feel excited yet cos the feeling is not there yet. Hopefully once we secure the venue, I will have a peace of mind and can get started on feeling excited. 

April shall be major spring cleaning and start of my dieting/exercising period. Praying that everything goes on without major problems in these coming months.


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