Hey ladies, wanna ask for your help and suggestions. Where do your fiances/husbands get their platinum wedding rings from? Would be extremely grateful if you are also able to share the price range of the rings. Please let me know!

We went to Meyson last two weekends to survey the design and prices; but this Mr. I buat kelakar seh. He actually said: “All the ones I want are out of our budget! How am I supposed to choose!?”

I had to pat pat him on the back and said: “Now you know how I feel, bro. There, there. Don’t be emo OK.”

Hahahahahahaa so yep. Suggestions and sharings are very much welcomed!

12 thoughts on “Help!

    1. We went there once but i think the customised designs are out of our budget, tho i saw from their website they have some designs that are within budget… so maybe we will check it out again

  1. Platinum memang mahal. My husband’s ring was 1k+ from Meyson, but we got a small discount from membership because I got my engagement ring there. So we bought it at $900+.

    1. Yea was looking at Orro too but not sure abt the quality cos I saw some bad reviews; mcm sayang if da byr hundreds but the ring tak tahan lama right

    1. Yea we went to the lavender one bur he didn’t like the designs; maybe different timing diff designs cos they did tell us they dont reproduce the same designs

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