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Life After Marriage

I was talking to Mr. I yesterday about what we should do for New Year’s Eve this year HAHAHA (puasa belum, raya belum, kahwin belum, honeymoon belum, dah cakap pasal NYE. Tapi, apa aku kisah!)

OK I broached the subject because since we started dating, we’ve never spent a NYE together. Well except for last year’s, but I had to go homeΒ at 9 cos ~curfew. And Mr. I had been talking about bringing me to watch fireworks since forever (although tbh fireworks is not my kinda thing). And I’ve been wanting to go watch a midnight movie since forever (never been to one in SG before.) Late night food binging, staycation in SG… basically anything that GOES AGAINST A CURFEW COS I WOULD FINALLY NOT HAVE A CURFEW THIS DECEMBER WOOOHOOO.

Yes, akak tau… akak dah late 20’s pun masih ada curfew. But anyways…

I mean, let’s do all the ~youngster ~havoc things once we get married woohoo! So excited gila babi hahahaha jakun ttm please astaghfirullah sis

Initially I wanted to go like Batam/Bintan or JB but Mr. I is so vehemently against it 😦 but then I thought, why not we go for staycation instead! Can do all the havoc stuff and won’t need to feel so anxious about being overseas haha (overseas la sangat). And immediately Mr. I agreed.

Hehe sometimes I feel OK la adalah hikmahnya when we didn’t get to do much fun couple stuff while we are dating/engaged. Cos then we will have new things to do as a couple when we are married insya Allah! And we will have more fun at it without worrying about how to get home, or curfews hahaha.

Okay, saya dah excited nak kahwin ni.


4 thoughts on “Life After Marriage

  1. Omg!!! I thought i was the only “kental” one with curfews and “boring” dates. Got friend ahhhh! Hahahaha i told the abang-to-be about those things abe mcm wahhhh we’ll be so rebellious….. I CANNOT WAIT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. YAH same I also got curfew and I’m damn excited about leaving the house at 11pm to watch a midnight movie (yah right, nanti dah kahwin confirm malas nak keluar lagi haha)

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