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When will the fun start again.

I actually feel very lucky because I have friends and a colleague who’s also getting married this year, so I get to exchange notes, discuss things, have a sounding board to help me decide certain things without appearing too obnoxious and too in-your-face about the upcoming wedding. Most times we discuss fun things. But just the other day I was telling my colleague that I miss doing fun spontaneous things with my fiance.

Because, fun/spontaneous = unplanned spending

And all of us in the same boat headed towards an eternity of bliss (hurhur) would be very understanding of this. My colleague immediately went “I know right…”

Sigh, haha. My single friends have less care about $$ hehe. I understand though, cos I know I was like that too. Yeah. I miss the spontaneity the most. Being spontaneous without worrying about whether I will regret spending that extra $$ on that unnecessary purchase/activity just for the thrill of it.

But will I ever get to do that ever again? Hmmmm….

2 thoughts on “When will the fun start again.

  1. Yea i miss those times too.. save for wedding and marriage life, save for house. Hopefully after tt can take a breather 😂

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