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All about the hands (part 1)

So within these few weeks, we accomplished the following:


I have finally finally settled on my bridal henna vendor and booked with Iffahenna! She was having a $20 off promo a while back (not sure if she still is). When I was on her Instagram account, I saw that she stated sessions in late 2017 will only open in June, so I thought macam, “Alah, sayangnyeee got $20 off promo but I cannot book now.” Then I paused.  “Or can I…?” Then I thought, let’s just ask her. I got nothing to lose. And I did! And she said the promo applies for late 2017 sessions too! So! Apa lagi! Book lah! Online booking lagi! Best I love doing bookings online! (Stoppit with the exclamation marks!)

She had only 2 timings (1pm and 8pm), and the cost breakdown for different styles (simple/intricate, hand/wrist) is all clearly stated. WHICH I LOVE! So easy! No need to go back and forth, and ask and check, when you can just state everything as clear as day.

I chose simple, up to wrist because I don’t like semak-semak on my hand, and I want to visually lengthen the hands haha. I find the designs that end up to the ends of your palms can visually cut off your hands and make them look stumpy. Personal observation je. I’m not… insecure about my hands but… since I realised my fingers got… stubbier (*coscannotwearengagementringanymoreahemweightgainahem*) I am feeling unnecessarily more upset about my hands/finger than I have ever remembered feeling about my hands ever. Sorry hands, kau tak bersalah. Aku yang bersalah sebenarnya…

Put down a deposit of $50, passed Iffahenna the necessary info about the deposit, and she will get back to you with the invoice. Very quick and fuss-free, no need a lot of back and forth, and insya Allah value for money 🙂

My wedding ring (mas kahwin)

We collected my wedding ring last week! I feel like our thought process with regards to buying my rings is quite strange because we don’t plan for it and then we just chance upon it and decide, OK that’s it. (But actually, got lah some back and forth especially with this one hehe.)

Earlier, we decided to do away with the my initial plan of a gold bracelet for mas kahwin and use my wedding ring as a mas kahwin (since I didn’t like anything we were seeing for the price point we were asking for). So Mr. I promised to buy me gold jewelry after we get married (each year! hehehe! no price point! I wish!) as a form of “investment” instead of spending $$ now before the wedding.

So some weeks back we were actually hunting for his ring at Meyson. In general, the rings at Meyson are quite affordably priced, and you can definitely find something for any price point you are asking for. Also, the service at Meyson is awesome; it’s always like coming in to talk to your friend, and not in a fake friend way. Granted I’ve only frequented the Lavender HQ (for my engagement ring) and the Joo Chiat branch (for my wedding ring). I had a bad experience at Meyson in Bugis Junction (but not because of the staff). However, I prefer dealing with the Malay-speaking Chinese female staff more than the male staff or the China staff. I find the latter don’t really layan you properly, maybe cos of language barrier or just don’t click.

So earlier in April, we put down a deposit for my ring. I was on the hunt for a sapphire ring cos… #sukahatiakulah. To be honest, I think whatever indie jewelry Instagram account I’m following has a very strong influence on me. When we were hunting for my engagement ring, I was highly influenced by rings from Jennie Kwon Designs. Still cannot find a nice pearl ring in Singapore hmpf, but the design of my ring is almost the same lah so OK lah kasi chance lah.

And now, I’m following some vintage jewelry accounts, and apparently orang dulu-dulu really like using gemstones in their rings, so… of course I got influenced right. I saw on the Gem by Gems website/facebook page, whereby they had this couple wedding ring promo a few years ago (LOL a few years ago, memang lama aku pendam perasaan ini) and the ladies ring is a sapphire set with diamonds around it. But the price was about $2.6K…? Actually tak mahal sangat pun the set promo price, if you think about it. But then, let’s just say we are budget-conscious so that’s out of the question. Simpan sajelah angan-angan itu semua.

But, when we were at Meyson we actually chanced upon a sapphire ring, and I was like “Yes, this is it!” Although… I had some doubts sown over the past few weeks cos I wasn’t sure if it was a good fit or if I just impulse purchase. We did look at rings from Soo Kee and some other place while we were searching for Mr. I’s ring, but eventually I told myself to GET. A. GRIP. and just go with the original choice. However, Mr. I did say, we can see again lah if we want to change since Meyson does allow you to change your choice LOL. Ini semua tactic! But hehe, you can guess what I did later on…

Almost a month later when we came back, we sat down, I was half convinced to go with the ring but then!!! My eyes immediately zoomed in to another sapphire ring that looked so similar to the Gem by Gems one! Mr. I later re-enacted my perangai in the shop for me. I just remember zoning out and pointing/jabbing at the glass display going: “That one, that one! Take out that one! I want to see that one!” Even before our sales assistant said: “Eh got newer sapphire designs come in today, you want to see?” Me: “Yes, yes, I know, that one, that one!”

Sorry guys, if you bring your Malay girlfriend/fiancee to the jewelry shop, no matter how old/young or how unaccustomed they are to jewelry, the inner Mami Jarum will definitely, undoubtedly come out. Macam kena sembur like that, immediately entering a state of trance.

The moment I put The Ring on, I was like:


Immediately like excited high gila hahaha. It was my size too, so:


So Mr. I paid for my ring, but not without me trying to try on other antique-y designed rings too hahaha. Like there was a pink/reddish gemstone ring which looked nice and the sales lady was trying to think of an upcoming occasion for me to persuade Mr. I to buy for me that ring hahaha. Kesian eh guys; selalu kena bully in the jewelry shops. Nemmind, all this is preview huahuahua.

Preview into married life. No la just kidding.

Still, like with the engagement ring, I akan tetap:


And yes, I am keeping it for now LOL. My mom also like “Ahhh ni lawa ni! Bagus, bagus! Aku nak try!” Hahaha before this she was like “Errr…” when she saw the other one haha. Mak mak ni, #nofilter seh.

Suka hati aku lah. Asal jangan jadi macam dekni sudah. Dekni memang mintak kena sepak dengan Gandalf.


So yay, another thing crossed off the list! We wanted to get the rings over and done with sooner rather than later, because we are spreading out the spending we have to do in these few months before we spend a bomb on the catering/decor in October. So as to not feel the pinch and pressure too much nearer to the date. My ring size is also adjustable; so if when I lose weight, we can go get it resized nearer to the wedding. (Must speak that this is a possibility, semua ni du’a you know!)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Mr. I ❤ May Allah swt shower you with more rezeki and bless you in this life and in the Hereafter, and keep you safe in His grace always hehe.

Part 2 will be our journey for Mr. I’s Journey to the Ring.


6 thoughts on “All about the hands (part 1)

    1. Takpe babe everyone different style. I like to get things done quickly (also cos my mom will nonstop bebel if i dont) 😛 You pelan2 kayuh, jiayou!

  1. Hi! I chanced upon your blog and omg we have the same wedding date and bridal! terus i read your bridal post and yessss exact same sentiments! hahahah. so fast settle cincin!! im still looking for THE ONE hahahah

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