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Tough Love

Yes we completed our Marriage Prep Course yesterday, and lemme just say the highlight of the course was seeing Mr. I get bullied by the ustaz in order to practice for the ijab & qabul hahahahahahahaha 

I was not at all helpful to him hahahahaha sorry not sorry. I don’t wanna say I told you so but…. I told you so! Hahahaha He had been telling me he doesn’t know what goes on during the nikah so I had been telling him, go watch YouTube videos lah! So easy right! Tapi degil, tak nak. Hmpf mintak kena piat telinga punya degil. 

Previously when he was wondering which tok kadi to choose, I was like come on man, go watch the YouTube videos. But nooooo dont want to listen to me. Then… he got “saved” cos his cousin is now reinstated as naib kadi so he choped that guy already. But this, hahahahaha!! And the ustaz was so funny and he laughed like a nenek kebayan hahahaha, and me and the ustaz we just like laughing and laughing at Mr. I.

The ustaz like grabbed Mr. I’s hand for a good 10 to 15 minutes cos this Mr. I kan suka share so he shared about how he doesn’t know what to do or say, so ustaz pun apa lagi… Then Mr. I kept tonggang terbalik the words or missing out words completely hahahaha pasal member tengah nervous abe kena bully lagi hahaha. 

Abe member dah tak tahan ketawa, he go and pengsan pengsan throw his body ON me or smack smack my arm IN FRONT OF USTAZ. 😲😲😲 

Ustaz pun apa lagi, makin ketawa terkekek-kekek sehh hahahaha I have to say this probably won’t happen if Ustaz was not this superbly adorable elderly person always cracking dad jokes and who is quite chill hahahaha. 

It’s good the ustaz bullied him for me 😜😜 #toughlove

Okay I have more thoughts on the course which felt more like a couple’s counselling session because we were the only ones who attended the session yesterday. But alhamdulillah it was a good session and it makes me feel at ease to know that we are on the right track in how we are developing our relationship, and for what purpose/s, to achieve what objectives for ourselves and our future family, the problems we should look out for and how we can try to deal with them.

So, a more comprehensive review coming up! 


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