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Rumah oh rumah (part 5)

Wowz I have not updated this space in 11 days.

Feeling a tad bit lazy to update about the marriage prep course but I feel like I might forget if I don’t hurhur. I cant remember most of it already, except that Mr. I kept bringing up ghost stories, the facilitator was super interested and hence divulged that about 30-40% of divorce cases happen due to “supernatural” causes and it is an actual legit official reason recognised by the Courts, and almost all of cases that get tried due to one spouse “kena buat” etc ends up in divorce, i.e., only 1 out of many manages to save their marriage, i.e., DO YOU REALISE HOW SAD THAT IS. You aren’t losing your spouse to death or a third party, you are losing him/her to some unknown being that’s been wrecking your marriage “secara halus”!

Also the points on sex lulz Mr. I was uncharacteristically quiet. I expected myself to be too, since the facilitator is a guy but I guess my girls’ school education got the better of me, as in, I remember talking about these things openly out of curiousity and no one shot down another person because we all wanted to ~know. Also cos my mom discusses them too damn openly with me, to the point where i’m like “Ma stoppit. Stoppit please.” But there was one thing the facilitator said that caught me by surprise. One of the points was something along the lines of “don’t have sex like animals”. I’m like…. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. EVEN ANIMALS HAVE MATING CALLS AND DANCES TO WOO THEIR FEMALE! So, whenever people try to insult Man and say “perangai kau macam binatang”… sorry eh binatang tu lagi mulia dari manusia walau dia takde akal. Tapi spesis lelaki ni lain eh. One type of special.
Lolz ok but that’s besides the point.

The point of this post is to say thaaaattt…. We finally got news of our grant application and we got a whopping $45K grant for our 🏠!!!

Whoop whoop πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

Alhamdulillah! Tak sia-sia tunggu almost half a year for the news. So much problems and much emails, calls and in-system correspondences back and forth sighhh. To be honest, we were expecting only about $15K grants, and to get only the SHG cos our combined income narrowly misses the AHG income ceiling harharhar but alhamdulillah we got some of those too albeit less than $5K each but at least it’s something! Ok tbh I dunno if $45K is a lot in comparison, but it sounds a lot to me!!!! Costs more than my wedding will!!! Hahahahaha!!

Oh btw, I just saw more 4-room flats available in my estate that are on higher floors and are nearer to the main road in this month’s BTO/SBF exercise. Like…. 😫😫😫 asal korang tak drop out earlier???? Like, asal korang tak drop out masa aku nak choose rumah aaaaakuuuuuuu #sisredha #redhajesis

Coming up, I gotta book my venue in two weeks’ time. Once that’s settled, I will have less of a headache cos I have been umming and arring over this and being super indecisive. But I have decided that while I do have the extra $$ to do it elsewhere, I would rather keep it for house reno instead since we might start getting our keys sometime next year. Priorities! (Also cos one parent is being annoying with the venue, add on to the preempted/bubnling annoyances from the other side….

God save me please.


2 thoughts on “Rumah oh rumah (part 5)

    1. HAHA ya this discussion started from my tunang talking about how his rumah was berhantu, and the kind of ~disturbances and tensions it caused in his family, so the facilitator linked it to how such things do cause divorces… whether kena buat, or saka, or pakai minyak dagu/nasi kangkang types la haha

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