Tiny update

Just a small update for now while trying to sort some things out. 

On my third day of puasa and I can wear my engagement ring again yessahhh! Ever since one stone fell out of my ring last year, I stopped wearing it altogether cos sayang and then jeng jeng jeng, I realised I couldn’t wear it anymore T.T Girl gained so much weight fingers become like stubs already. *shakes head* But I’m taking this month as an opportunity to really control my portions when I eat for sahur and buka. Alhamdulillah, so far haven’t been attacked by the late night Munch Monster. Actually, I hated not being able to wear my ring 😦 Sometimes I feel like the ring is a visual reminder of how much Mr. I loves me, and I realise the times I don’t wear it, when I get angry with him, my anger macam melampau membuak-buak 😦 hahaha ~emopunk~ Kesian Mr. I tak bersalah bersalah dia sikit je sebenarnya haha 😛

So this week/next week I should be settling the venue issue. But…. looks like we are trying something, so I just got to hang in there and wait for the results. I was anxiously recounting what I did to my colleagues, and they told me to chill and not to worry (easier said than done though :P) but yeah, if it’s unsuccessful, at least I tried.

I feel so tempted to shop for a lot of stuff on Zalora/FV/Poplook seh. Tiap-tiap tahun Ramadhan like this. But, OK controlling myself so far so good. Only bought 1 baju kurung to keep to this year’s colour theme LOL. But, TudungPeople… susah babe. They literally have NO cons as to why you shouldn’t buy from them hahaha I want to cry, not even the RM50 shipping fee stops me hahahaha cos overall cost divided equally among the items all still cheap seh.

I also just want to say, OK time moves very fast. Six more months babe. SIX more months!

Praying everything goes on without major drama and problems in the months to come. I actually cannot believe I am getting married in six months. I actually even cannot believe I am in the midst of planning for my wedding. Ten years ago, heck, not even five years ago, I wouldn’t think this path is what was fated for me. God works in mysterious ways.


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