To Do: 6-month check

One day left to the 180-day countdown. So I thought I should scare myself by listing out what I still need to do within the next 3 months.

  1. Confirm the venue
    • Once confirmed, book accompanying facilities
    • Discuss with my brother about renting a car vs renting a shuttle/minivan
    • Confirm the itinerary
  2. Touch base with the vendors (just to “remind” them I’m still here and wanting their business)
    • But I must come up with various legit questions or things to clarify and not saje-saje buang masa contact them haha
  3. Buy dulang items bersempena Ramadhan/Hari Raya offerings
  4. Finalise my decor mood board;
    • Convince Mr. I
    • Once finalised, show decor people
      (Sidetrack sikit: I recently discovered this decor company on Instagram that has done EXACTLY THE KIND OF DECOR I LIKE T.T personally I have never even heard of the company. Kalau ada sesiapa yang berkenan dengan bohemian themed decor, please go check out auroraweddinggallery. They execute it so flawlessly. Prices I dunno ah, don’t ask me. I didn’t wanna go cari penyakit to ask them haha.)
    • Inform my pulut kuning vendor on the decor theme
    • Brainstorm on photobooth design/props with my sisters, guestbook design, moneybox design
    • Source for materials for abovementioned DIY projects
    • Should the bridal room decor also follow the theme for the wedding decor?  (In the spirit of ~continuity lol)
  5. Clean my room nyahahaha, clear my brother’s room for takeover in 3-4 months’ time nyahahaha
    • Buy bridal room furniture
  6. Start assembling the wedding favours
    • See if I want to get a customised stamp design
    • Buy twine or ribbon
  7. Buy Mr. I’s ring
  8. Register on ROMM online in July
    • Confirm Wali and Saksi details
    • I find the feature on the ROMM website that helps us to calculate exactly when to book is quite helpful! I just hope Mr. I reads the calendar where I indicate when he should do the booking lol and that he reminds his cousin again not to release the slot to anyone else but us.
  9. Confirm wedding card design. I just saw my card vendor post a new design haha so exciting
    • Confirm venue, timing, host names to be included
      • Pfft, this host names to be included is bugging me. In case you haven’t noticed, Mr. I’s parents are divorced and his father has estranged himself from Mr. I and two of his sisters. (But he has no problems with the other siblings. Boleh eh.) We (read: my family and I) have our issues with him because of certain things that has happened, but Mr. I’s mom is insisting we just include his name out of courtesy, since we are “inviting his family”. I mean, invite, invite la sape tak kasi invite. But sigh, I love Mr. I’s mom and respect her, but I really, really don’t like to “accommodate” bullies. What do you think I should do? Should I just give in? I am the one paying for the bloody invites after all. Not any one of them. I also have to jaga my parents’ feelings what, more than ~some~ absentee father’s feelings and help him feel ~included~. 

I think the rest of the items we will do only nearer to the date, or by the time we hit the 100-day mark. Bismillahi tawakkaltu alAllahi.


2 thoughts on “To Do: 6-month check

  1. Whoop 6mths eh… tau tau je nanti the big day dah sampai. My parents are divorced too and I didnt include my dad’s name in the card since he would not be ‘hosting’ (eg nikahkan and left). We did invite my paternal family with the card, no issues. Asalkan jemput. Tapi kalau there would be a big fuss, I would just give in. 😕

    1. Aah seh, I thought like baru je 1-year countdown, now dah 6-months! The thing is my tunang’s family is not even sure he will come for the wedding…? Apparently my tunang’s bro put the father’s name in his wedding invite a few years back, then the father said he cannot do that because never seek his permission and so, he didn’t come for the majlis. I really don’t care that we are inviting his father’s side; I’ve met some of them and they are very nice, but if you want to hold people “ransom” over including/not including your name in the wedding invite then… I also dunno la seh.

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