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Panicking slightly now

As title suggest, yes.

We were patiently waiting for the CC in my neighbourhood to get back to me and they got our hopes up, but then they took so long to get back to us, they hum and hawed, last last, they don’t want to let us have the place. Initially they said they were not using the place yet but have a few events in December. After that they said, they were pinning down on the date for their event; they were looking at our dates but haven’t yet confirmed, so they postponed giving us a decision until after Hari Raya, but that they were highly likely deciding to give us the place. Then, last Friday, Mr. I called them (they were supposed to call us, but biasalah…) they said, sorry we are going to have our events on your dates, we cannot give you the place. I don’t even know why we bothered trying. I don’t even know why they bothered telling us maybe, maybe.

So, rule of thumb: If the CC you are aiming seems to have hosted weddings but does not seem to be popular for weddings, it’s most probably because of things like this.

Of course, I can understand that they want to prioritise their own events more, but I definitely think they do not need to make me wait one month before telling me. Somemore, the waiting was during fasting month so of course we both tried to sabar, and we were very very busy with work. I fell sick twice just before the 10 days of Ramadhan (and am still sick now btw… longest ever lol)

So we were both super down last Friday but we were both still macam tak terima kenyataan have to do at my void deck, even though we wanted to put khemah all. I was still contemplating trying for another nearby CC that is popular for weddings but I didn’t wanna waste more time šŸ˜¦ Sigh.

Then I thought OK la we still have time to do this (actually not really, but really trying to not panic now) but then I realised that since we have to register on the ROMM site by the end of this week. So I thought I shall login and see what kind of details we need to ensure the smooth filling in of the e-form.

AND THEN. Solemnisation address.

Jeng jeng jeng.Ā 

So of course now, we have to double up on our efforts for the venue. We are trying for one final venue before surrendering. Which was my original venue of choice, but we decided to abandon for some reason. Because…. sigh I malas nak cakap, but honestly… I’ve been passing by the place many, many times this past week… Is it a sign?

Sis nak redho tapi sis tetap nak usaha. I just hope if all else fails, my void deck is not yet booked. Or the void deck behind mine. I mean, I’m just getting married only what right. This world is only temporary……….

Rightttt…. This part I cannot zuhud hahaha sorry I try but I cannot. I am typing “hahaha” but actually I’m dying slowly on the inside.


2 thoughts on “Panicking slightly now

  1. aaaahhh so frustrating!!!! man, i really wish they didnt try to give both of u false hopes…. hmm.. time to come up with alternatives babe! i wish u all the best šŸ™‚

    1. ya i know, i had a feeling they were going to do this to us, but during the penultimate call, the officer sounded so confident she will be able to give us the space, then I thought okay maybe I need to husnuzon haha. but actually, macam tak payah sudah hahaha. we have an alternative that we’re working on now and hopefully we’ll get it! thanks for the kind wishes ā¤

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