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Online ROMM registration done!

According to the ROMM website, our 150-day countdown (and therefore the first day we can register online) was last Friday. So of course, I told Mr. I way beforehand that he needs to tell his cousin, his chosen naib kadi, to block out the 1-hour slot on our date for us. Thankfully, Mr. I told his cousin earlier in the week and he kindly blocked out the time/date for us. Mr. I then texted him again about 30 minutes before registering online, so he then released the slot for us just before we registered. Luckily we had all this arranged beforehand because ain’t nobody got time to wait up at 12 midnight to do the registration.

Well, I could have but I was too excited from Thursday night’s dinner because my friends threw me and my other girlfriend getting married in the same month a surprise “bachelorette” dinner. Wah, I really hate surprises because I always feel so betrayed and so dumb LOL.  ALL THE LIES! Throughout the night, I kept realising things so slowly and like, what… what is happening?? What?? OK that’s a story for another day.

Back to our ROMM online registration. Mr. I was tasked to find two saksi, which I thought should be quite easy since he has three brothers. Just take two out of the three lah. But then, jeng jeng jeng, problem comes in. One of the two selected brothers insisted Mr. I to indicate his father as one of the saksi, which I am strongly opposed to (due to personal reasons), but Mr. I has agreed to this without telling me beforehand. An argument ensues~ I was very, very upset as Mr. I should have discussed this with me because he knows how much it upsets me. (And anyway, I have never seen or heard of the groom’s father being the saksi either…) I immediately just texted my own brother to get his details to include him as one of the two saksi. Imagine if I didn’t have an older brother. Boleh gaduh seh~ Anyway, I saw Mr. I’s texts with his father as we were doing the registration, and the father himself openly said he didn’t want to be one of the saksi, so I dunno why some people were so insistent about it.

I shall not comment further on this, but I just wanted to record this down, just to remind myself and anyone out there, planning a wedding to get married is not a bed of roses and smiles all the time.

Sigh. Just goes to show how important it is to protect your marriage, and even if it does breakdown, you must still put in effort to ensure the tali silaturrahim is not severed or hanging by a thread, and both sides must still contribute. Even when your marriage has ended, the lines of communication must still be open and functioning, for your kids. Because they are your amanah, no matter how old they are.

After this, second problem. Mr. I’s credit/debit card couldn’t work *slaps forehead*. So we had to go back and fill in the form another two times; because during the second try we didn’t know what could be the problem and by the third try, we deduced it was his card. So for the fourth try, we used my card instead haha. It’s too bad the registration site doesn’t have a “Save” option so we kept having to key in the details FOUR times >.< Although, luckily my computer had the auto fill-in option so we just needed to type in the first letter/character of everything.

We were also not sure about the mas kahwin entry because, “one white gold diamond ring with sapphire stone” sounds a bit too redundant LOL so we shortened to “one diamond ring”. To be honest, this was the main reason why I initially asked for a gold bracelet/bangle; so that it will be easier to indicate in the form and for Mr. I to verbalise during the akad nikah.

Do you know what “one white gold diamond ring with sapphire stone” translates to in Malay?

Sebentuk cincin emas putih bertakhtakan berlian dan batu nilam.

HOKAY. Then he will be verbalising:

Aku terima nikah XYZ binte ABC dengan mas kahwinnya sebentuk cincin emas putih bertakhtakan berlian dan batu nilam.

That day he practised at the marriage prep course je dah tersasul-sasul; what more, THIS.

Anyway, we know we will be making revisions to this, since we indicated our backup venue (my void deck) instead of what I am hoping to be my actual venue. So we might make changes to the wording of the mas kahwin too LOL. So hopefully insya Allah once we confirm the venue, we can make the change. Too bad about the $15 lah, no choice.

Btw, hope it is not too late to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I only managed to eat like a normal person this past weekend after my cough/overall sickness has majorly subsided. Really bummed I wasn’t able to enjoy my last Raya as a singleton this year properly 😦 Takpelah, this is my rezeki for this year’s Ramadhan and Syawal, what to do.


2 thoughts on “Online ROMM registration done!

  1. Hahaha ur mas kahwin part quite funny! Mine was a white gold diamond ring but we ended up w “sebentuk cincin emas”.. u can check during ur interview w the kadi!

  2. yes I think we will check with our kadi again, and yes the “sebentuk cincin emas” is pretty much it right haha, no need to go into so much detail 😛

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