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Misi Moneybox

Interrupting the flow of my venue story, because that entry was getting too long hoho, with an update on the start of my DIY projects!

I had been itching to pay Daiso a visit because my holey holey hanger for tudungs is literally breaking apart so actually I is malas go IKEA to get replacement so I thought can go Daiso to get tupperware lah. Literally that, and piggy banks, were all I went in to look for. But since I went with my mother, almaklum. Masuk dengan niat lain, keluar dengan hasil lain. Alkisah.

So while trying to find tupperwares, suddenly my mother turned to me and asked, “Kalau nak letak duit salam-salam nak letak mana eh?….” (shifty eyes at me)

Me? *shifty eyes back*

Chope. Kisahnya like this. 

There was once (or twice or more) ago we went to a wedding and my mother saw the moneyboxes at the majlis. She then turned around to give this makcik grumpy face and said (to me only in very hushed tones): “Apa ni pakai kotak-kotak… macam mintak derma pulak…” 

I explained to her the logistics of it lah then she “Oh… okay…” and of course not sounding convinced. So of course for my brother’s wedding, she stuck to the old skool method of “simpan dalam poket baju kurung dia” lol but OF COURSE will run out of space so OF COURSE me as first born daughter will be the next point of dumping ground and I dumped them in my crossbody bag sampai berat and I then ran upstairs to empty the bag into another bag and locked up the room. So OF COURSE it is up to me to make sure all the duit salam is kept safe. But of course, since the first born daughter wont be around to do this cos duh, she is the most trustworthy and dependable *flips tudung*, my mother has been forced to think of alternatives.

Back to our conversation in Daiso.

I told her, well since we are not doing it at our own void deck we definitely cannot mundar mandir transfer duit to different locations all so we definitely need kotak.

Surprisingly, member dengan readynya agree seh. Anjat gegerl lol.

And thus, we went round and round Daiso on a hunt for a kotak (with me, at the back of my mind thinking, should I just grab one from work? Wouldn’t that be easier?) But we found one, and a few other things for my mom’s sewing stuff. I also came across satin ribbons and dengan rakusnya I took four rolls of bronze coloured ones and four rolls of navy coloured ones, and walked back to my mom. My mom tanya, “Ni nak buat apa?” 

Dengan pantas dan tanpa berfikir panjang, I replied: “Nak ikat berkat lah jangan kasi jatuh.” Lolol 

I am still thinking about tags or stickers for the berkat. Tengah nak excited ni haha. 

I also saw so many things that sparked the desire in me to DIY my dulangs to him. I dunnnoooo I dowan to DIY cos I know I will burn my fingers with the glue gun like before my majlis tunang. I think I shall wait till I am jelak of DIYing then I decide lol. 

This moneybox and ribbon tying around berkats aint gonna do itselves haha.


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