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The Venue Stories (Part II)

So we left off with the knowledge that Mr. I’s siblings will help us pay for the cost of the venue.

When we consulted with our decor company, on whether she thinks tentages or CC rental is more worth it, since the pricing was almost more or less the same, she advised us that, even with the additional manpower cost of setting up and transporting food was included, doing at a CC is much more berbaloi. With that, we set upon applying for…

Hong Kah North CC

This CC recently renovated a few years ago and they added an extension of a multipurpose basketball court, which is just HUGE. I think you can fit in like 30 tables there. I much preferred this to the older indoor multipurpose hall. The downside was, these areas did not have A/C, which was OK with us because it was quite near Bukit Gombak MRT, there was a multi-storey carpark just next to the building and more importantly, it was only about a few minutes drive from my place. So we sent in our application form, we were told to wait. We called the person in charge, who told us a few times that they had plans to use the hall for their yet to be confirmed events. She even told me that they are planning to move their event to a different date so we can get the hall. Gave me hopes. Eventually, they said, “Sorry guys, not happening.”

Thanks~ We wasted one month because of the waiting cat-and-mouse game.

We were together when we got the news and we were so down during dinner on Friday evening, I kept eating my pain away LOL #emotionaleater. I was gonna admit defeat, just telan my pride and just redha to do our majlis at our void deck. But then, I thought — hey! Why don’t I revisit the finances for the possibility of doing at Masjid Arraudhah again? And so we did.

Masjid Arraudhah

Now I quite liked Masjid Arraudhah cos it’s still near my place but it’s even nearer to Little Guilin and I was thinking, if we get this place, maybe we can sneak in some “outdoor” photography there after nikah (since we do not have plans for pre- or post-wedding photography yet).

Mr. I and I actually met on the following Monday to recce the Dewan Yam. Mr. I was so happy with it, and we were like, OK let’s do this. Mr. I was to call them tomorrow morning, to say we will be coming down to submit the application and make the deposit. Like fate, one sister on wordpress here even blogged about her experience on her wedding at Masjid Arraudhah, and I was like, IS THIS A SIGN hahaha. So Mr. I called. The officer who answered said that yes, they were free on that date, and yes, we can come down on that day to make the booking. When Mr. I told me, I was sooo happy and carefree.

And then, I got a call from him during lunch. He sounded so serious. He told me to check my whatsapp messages and that he didn’t want to tell me over the phone. So I did. And my heart sank.

Basically, the mosque only accepts two bookings for weddings in a month. He was told that we were couple #3. However, somehow this Mr. I managed to korek from the officer than the second person who did the booking, submitted the application more than two weeks ago, but hadn’t paid deposit, and hadn’t even come down to recce the place. Logically, this is not fair. How can you accept a booking without having the person pay deposit, and even then, you must set a time limit like.. at least, pay within the week of your booking kan.

Mr. I tak puas hati and asked me to call them also and pretend like I am a new enquirer haha. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Which I then did. Almost same answer. The lady who answered my call said, yes, it’s free, yes you can come down to— oh wait, I will check and get back to you. Then they did. Same rejection. She suggested to me, “Adik boleh try Masjid —–.. eh!” I was like “Huh, maaf, masjid apa tadi tak dengar…?” Then she mumbled something which I didn’t catch, and said bye. Sigh.

As for Mr. I’s communication with them however, because he got the knowledge that couple #2 hadn’t paid their deposit and may/may not confirm their booking, he made the officer tell him when they were going to come down to make payment, and if they didn’t confirm with Masjid Arraudhah, to contact us instead. So, our next move was still dependent on this; we were hoping that couple would cancel and we can then get the slot.

My void deck

By this time I was quite desperate, I couldn’t sleep properly for a few nights already. I was so scared we would just not get a venue for our majlis, so we decided to just head to the town council the very next day and book my void deck.

When we were planning to do at Arraudhah, we discussed with our caterers that they will cook at my void deck, then transport the food there. I came up with this idea because I read on another bride’s blog that she did this (I can’t remember who but thank you!”) and my caterer did say, when we were discussing HKNCC plans, they might use a van to transport the food if it rains. So I put two and two together, and my vendor was OK with the idea of cooking at my void deck and then transporting the food elsewhere. So I thought, let’s just book the void deck for cooking if we end up getting a different venue, and if not, we will definitely have a space to do the wedding no matter what.

The rush to the town council was another headache. I had to take time off earlier than I initially told my HOD because the finance office of my town council closes at 5pm while the rest of the office closes at 5.30pm *smacks forehead* (can someone give my town the worst neighbourhood award already). I tried to use Grab but this idiot driver first say he was on the way, then he say he was dropping passenger off, then he didnt answer my call, then waiting time kept increasing. So I cancelled him. It was also raining. I couldnt get another cab for another 10 mins. I was so close to breaking down. It was almost 4.45 when I got the cab. I told the driver, can you reach the destination in 10 mins. He just went “Oh.” and sped up like crazy LOL. I reached at 4.55pm on the dot. In the meanwhile, Mr. I was already there and he filled up the form and even argued with the officers LOL. It wasn’t even 5pm yet and they were rushing him already. Dude was there since 4.15 LOL.

So when I got there, guess who served us? Jongz! From this post! I wonder what happened to the other older and nicer lady. All the ladies at the town council were such ahlianz.

So we were still half-hoping that we could get Masjid Arraudhah, and if so, we would only need to book my void deck for cooking on Saturday and Sunday. BUT since we wanted to use the void deck as a backup venue, we booked it for three days instead. Mr. I popped a soalan cepu emas to Jongz, who, true to her nature, did not reply us properly.

His question: What if there is a Chinese funeral happening on the same day, and they just take over our place?

Jongz’s answer: Err actually by right, they must come to us first to ask for the space. But if they just suddenly go and set up at the void deck, then you come down to our office and we can help you to settle.

My question: What if this happens on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday? Can I call any number instead?

(Cos you know, their office is not open what.)

Jongz’s answer: No, I think better you come to the office we can settle for you.

My answer: But your office not open, how you going to settle for me?

Jongz: *mumbles something something* and rushes us to the counter to make payment.

HOMAIGOD punya lah bengaps. Am I then supposed to be camping outside your freaking office when you are obviously not open? Or am I supposed to drop all my plans and come down on the following Monday just for you?

Okay, so I think this post is also getting super long so I shall take a break here. After we made the void deck booking, we went to two other places to enquire, and there are more stories to that. At the back of my mind, well at least the void deck’s secure. I won’t end up getting married in my own room har har har.


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