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101: The Outfit to be Wedded In

Just some short notes about my first appointment with RN.

Our slot was at 1.30pm but we reached early at like 1.15. I tried to kill time by visiting the toilet cos I felt like taking a dump but it actually was just me feeling nervous. Everytime I feel nervous I feel like taking a dump, but there are some times when I think I am nervous but actually I just wanted to take a dump. So, toilet is a good place to hang out for the time being.

Mr. I ran into RN while waiting for me outside the toilet. RN thought we were there for a fitting (we were not, we were there for measurements) and this Mr. I not knowing the difference between “fitting” and “measurements” just said yes. Later, Mr. I tells me, as RN was talking to him, he frantically googled for RN, and had his face on his phone as he was talking to RN. *shakes head* wayyy to be subtle dude.

I finally left the toilet at like 1.19pm after deciding I wasn’t gonna take a dump lol. Then we headed to RN’s office. The moment we opened the door, he asked if I was ABC, then I was like errr no my name is XYZ then he was like… eh oh your appointment is at 1.30pm is it? Then I was like, oh are we too early, we can come back later? Then he’s like, oh it’s OK the previous couple was supposed to be here at 1pm but till now they haven’t reached yet, so it’s OK, we’ll do yours first. You’ve never been here before right? I don’t remember seeing you guys before. And I’m like, no, this is our first appointment. Then he’s like OK well, let’s fill in these forms.

So I saw on his table there was like a list of names and timeslots. So ABC’s name was first on the list but she clearly wasn’t around. And my name was next in line. OK lah since no one was around, can get started on ours right. Then the moment we sat down to fill in the forms, ABC and her entourage came in. Then I was like, errr…. do we give way to these people first? I mean, they were late for 20 mins, and we were 10 minutes early…

I was honestly scared of any like, drama or confrontation lolol I don’t want ABC and her entourage to get into a fight with us about whose turn it was, cos they looked downright hostile as they stared at us HAHAHA mak takuttt. This also made me feel a bit uncomfortable because it made me not want to take up so much of “their” time which was rightfully “my slot”, so I didn’t get to talk to RN as much as I had planned to. Like instead of trying to bounce ideas off of him (and warn tell him about shoddy workmanship because my mom is a seamstress and will give me stress if his workmanship sucks) like I initially planned to, I felt like I needed to hurry up and just show him my “safe bet” instead. Oh well, at least yang wajib telah pun dilaksanakan.

He asked us about our colour choices, and advised that the pastel light colours work best for nikah (so he didn’t actually pull out all 50 colour choices as stated in their whatsapp message explanation regarding the promo). But I don’t look good in light colours, so I was telling him I want the nude brown colour. He showed the nude beige one, which was nice, but really I know I will look big in that colour. The matching colour for the men’s baju kurung was nice though and Mr. I was so excited about that colour until I was… hesitant, and reached out for the darker brown colour (which still wasn’t that dark, but the color code was “dark brown”, so lantak lah). The men’s colour was still nice, but Mr. I was right, the nude beige one for the men’s was nicer. But this Mr. I was like, no no, this is up to you, I go with anything you say.


So we picked that. I’m starting to have second thoughts about choosing a not-light colour for nikah, but then again, yang nak kahwin tu aku lol aku yang nak pakai baju tu. I can imagine getting all sorts of stains on my baju nikah right before or after if I pick any of the light coloured ones.

Then we got down to designing my outfit. What most BTBs who have taken up his promos have said is true; it does feel like 95% of the work goes more to the girl’s outfit, while only 5% to the guy’s. I just hope Mr. I is OK with whatever resultant quality there is to the men’s baju kurung; I have warned him about other BTBs saying they don’t like the quality. MANY TIMES. Knowing how cerewet he is, I dunno, maybe he might kick up a fuss at the fitting appointment. I dunno hahahaha tolonglah jauhkanlah.

So initially I had in mind a two-piece, but after reading through some blogs and some comments from BTBs, I also asked RN himself and all suggested to go with a one-piece so as to avoid the fabric bunching up around the midriff area. I always thought a two-piece will help to hold in the stomach (i.e., my stomach lol) but I guess this is true-er. So I asked for a faux kebaya peplum top that will hopefully skim down the waist and cover the stomach area when I sit down hahaha. Fingers crossed, the design will be OK. It’s not too complicated, it’s quite simple, I hope. I also added on the veil (padehal mula2 tak nak veil). I also almost added on the hijab but Mr. I said I wear this colour often so I might already have a tudung this colour. (He’s wrong though lolol) but just to minimise costs haha. Veil lagi susah nak cari. Hijab is easier to find elsewhere. The design is beautiful. Simple, clean lines, nothing too fussy. Let’s just hope the execution will be as beautiful.

Then we had our measurements taken. I didn’t realise this happened but Mr. I later said it was awkward when he took measurements for the crotch area cos of how swift the measuring tape slithered around AHAHAHAH OKAY THANKS FOR THE INFO. I told Mr. I that I thought it was awkward too when he took measurements for my bust area lolol cos… when was the last time I took my own measurements for my own bust area?!! To which Mr. I said; aiyah I’m sure he’s used to it with all the angmoh models he works with. True. Fair enough.

Oh also, when he was measuring my length, he asked if I was wearing a 3-inch or 5-inch heels. At first I heard him say if I brought my heels then I panicked and said I never bring but will bring next session LOL but then he like laugh at me say, tak nanti pakai kasut 3-inch ke 5-inch. Then I was like OHHH hahaha errr. I remember staring nervously at Mr. I, not because he is short as tall as me and therefore logically I shouldn’t even wear heels, but really, I was trying to remember JUST HOW SHORT MY HEELS WERE. I can’t remember so I was like, OH DEFINITELY NOT 5-INCH, I’LL BE TALLER THAN HIM! hahahaha tak tahu jaga maruah orang seh aku. So RN indicated 3-inch (but when I got home and measured my heels, they were 2-inches only lol). So… now I dunno if I should update him or just let it be… after all, what difference can 1-inch make right?


After that, we were out by 1.40pm, and the stage is all set for the next couple that was supposed to be the first couple. I was just thinking like, lucky we didn’t take so long, so there was time for that couple to do their fitting (even though they were late), but imagine if we were late too? The whole list of appointments will have to be pushed back because of one late appointment…?

Oh wells. Now eagerly awaiting the next appointment with RN when we get to see the results of this appointment. Really hoping and wishing the workmanship for the men’s baju kurung is not shoddy. Like, flimsy kain I can live with. Pocket senget, I can take out and re-sew it back on. Please just don’t get any worse. Like please don’t tertetas the jahitan, or the kelengkang of the seluar is too small, or the ketiak is too tight… I also hope I don’t gain any weight by then.


5 thoughts on “101: The Outfit to be Wedded In

  1. Hahaha! Ur post is so detailed. Although i wish u had more time w him. Doesnt feel good having the late ppl looking hostile and all 😂

    1. haha ya so much for “just some short notes”… actually i dunno if they truly looked hostile because i was too scared to look too long XD

  2. Random but i asked him if the design that i want would be okay for my big hips and he was like huh yours mana ada besar (diam lah kau angkat je tahu) and then proceed to take my hip measurement and said “ohhh you punya punggung sama lah macam shila amzah punya!!” Okay????? Now akak tahu… Berapa besarnya punggung si shila amzah ni actually….. HAHA

    1. you know because of your blog post and this comment, i actually go and google to see shila amzah’s full body photos HAHAHA XD looks like I have the same type of body shape as her too hahaha; but she really angle her body in photos ah jadi tak nampak seh

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