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Health and Medical Issues

Hi ladies. Not sure who is still reading this blog haha.

Nope, I don’t have any health or medical issues so far alhamdulillah. Just wondering if anyone can share what kinds of medical checkups or women’s health-related issues I should now look out for?

For example, I know sexually active women should go for pap smears (kan?) hahaha so noob omg. I remember my doc was talking about HPV too. I don’t have a gynae right now too, so was wondering if anyone has any recommendations too?

We are also not trying to conceive at the moment (hopefully by end of the year or early next year though insyaAllah), but I just want to make sure everything is OK with the both of us health-wise before we start anything.

Not to mention, there seems to be a whole host of changes to my body now that we are legally and Syariah-ly sexually active *cringe* lolz that I never thought could happen (like apparently, you can be more prone to painful periods if you did not achieve orgasm during intercourse — if you already experience cramping during periods).

I feel so ill-prepared in this sector. I feel like we should have been taught about this in the sex ed syllabus in school, like where to go for such information. There’s nothing like “Planned Parenthood” in Singapore; they always just say, “consult your GP”. But what if you don’t want to, or if you are not comfortable with talking to your GP. Then you have to search through hospital and private care clinic websites etc., and even those have limited information and little to no information on prices or how to pay for the services etc. Not to mention the whole barrage of misinformed adults who give incorrect and unsolicited advice -.-


My JC sex ed syllabus was so “Charismatic Christian” please I cannot take it. Like hello, your Chinese kids are obviously already experimenting, they just don’t tell you; and a lot of people in your Chinese population are getting married very, very late, you think their sexual desires can wait until they get married in their 30s meh?

I don’t condone underage or premarital sex, and yes I do agree with having sex ed in school, but they definitely should NOT teach us what they have been teaching us all this while. Instead, what about the different problems with menstruation (like hello there are a lot more than just choosing the right pads and not staining the bed when you go to sleep), and the changes in lifestyle or responsibilities that the individual who has had sex has had to do now that they have made the choice to engage in the activity — e.g. money spent on contraceptives, sexual healthcare checkups, being disciplined in using contraceptives or talking about a new partner’s sexual history before engaging in said activity, etc. Maybe, the moment these kids realise how much RESPONSIBILITY is involved in being sexually active, they would definitely be turned off the idea, because kids these days are allergic to responsibility right. LOL I know I would be. Heck, I am slightly turned off.

So yep, please help a sister out, if anyone is still reading this.

Hopefully I will go back to wedding-related posts when I get my photos and videos? Banyak nak cakap actually but little to no good photos to illustrate anything hahaha. So I shall wait ya.


9 thoughts on “Health and Medical Issues

  1. Hey babe ive gone to a gynae for a full check up before. its a bit expensive (its a private clinic at gleneagles) but shes really gentle n i felt nothing during the pap smear and scan (i have v bad cramps so had to check too), otherwise it could be a routine ultrasound to see your inner lady parts, physical examination n pap smear. Hospitals like kkh n nuh also have pretty good gynae department u can make appt as a private patient. I can imagine the anxiety of gg thru a check like that lol. Its good to have a chat about ur own sexual health and when ure ready to start trying, ur hubby can go too.

    Your own annual health screening is important too, to flag out any medical issues — raffles medical and any gp will probably have their own packages, some comes w pap smear.

  2. ++ just to add, the hpv vaccine (gardasil) i went for is for ladies under 27 i think? But u can talk to any gp about that. Its a 3 dose injection. I did mine at raffles and u can fully pay for it by Medisave. They may have newer vaccines now~ and of course the controversial “to vaccine or not to” debate. Lol sorry so lengthy!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences babe, very helpful! I’m just a bit older than 27, so dunno if the HPV thing is still applicable for me? I would vaccinate myself but the question is whennnn am I going to get round to doing it hahahah #procrastinator

  3. Someone recommended me this check up before:

    I haven’t gone for it yet, but I plan to make an appointment soon. I also still feel very noob in women’s and sexual health and people are not talking about it enough. I had no idea on what you said about painful periods if no orgasm is achieved. But I do notice that my immune system is stronger ever since I became sexually active cos I fall sick less often now. Yay to that.

    1. Oh that’s good that your immune system gets better … Since getting married I have had less uninterrupted sleep, and I have fallen sick like … three times?? HAHAHA belum pun dua bulan kawin. But hopefully after our sleep cycles sync or harmonise, I hope to get better immune system too haha insyaAllah. And thanks for link to the checkup too!

  4. OMG I TOTALLY FEEL YOU. I really feel like there should be more in-depth sexual talks other than how to wear your pads and how to calculate your period days. We dont know how we will be when “the time” comes, and its really true when they say girls are more of sex freaks than guys just that we know how to hide it. HAHAHA. Im really open to trying those kinky things but idk if its ok or not, like there’s no clear line and all those jazz ……

    Womanly bits wise, im still alittle too underage to go through all those tests tho, sadly. All the best to you! May your inner woman shine ❤

    1. HAHA the part about sex freaks tu maybe I cannot relate anymore pasal rasa macam dah tua (padehal not even 30 yet HAHA), but ya I rmb when I was younger (in uni especially, where all the hot exchange boys are) my urges were damn strong HAHAHA ok TMI sorry.
      But anyway, yang part how to kinky tu eh … what I know is other countries (eg The Netherlands) actually has like “support groups”/”mentors”/”instructional books” about how to have sex like that (e.g. BDSM etc). Why specifically The Netherlands? Cos my Dutch prof said so, and we were on the topic of sexuality in class one day LOL I dunno about other countries hahaha. And please dont go by “50 Shades of Grey” eh, even the true legit BDSM circle cakap buku tu merepek haha. All I can say is … research a lot, and research well. Then pandai2 lor hahahaha 😛

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