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Day 3 in Looneytown

It has been a pretty hectic few weeks. We were meeting with IDs and contractors because we got a letter from HDB saying that our keys were coming soon, and then moving to Looneytown (Yishun lol). This place ah, is one kind of special ok. I have no words HAHA. No wonder all the crap happens in Yishun, and no wonder the people who grow up in Yishun are LIKE THAT hahahaha

Sorry, no offence to people reading this blog who stay in Yishun 😛

I have never stayed anywhere else but my home, except for school camps. I have never even stayed on campus at Uni. So it’s an understatement to say that “moving out” is scary as heck. Can’t even put words to my feelings. I am just doing my best to distract myself by playing with three out of the five cats at my BIL’s place (cos one is a grumpy old nenek, and one is so scaredy cat), researching on home renovation, and playing Hogwarts Mystery.

I am saddest about leaving my mother and younger brother behind. And it really makes you feel vulnerable beyond words. The only person I can depend on is my husband now haha OVERDRAMATIC PADAHAL MASIH DUDUK SAMA NEGERI. I honestly don’t know how these foreign wives in Singapore feel or how they are able to cope with following their husbands and moving. They are obviously not as socially or economically mobile as us, like they literally depend on their husbands for their basic survival. Dunno lah.

Takpelah. The cats are warming up to me haha cos I play with them everyday. I found myself going “OK bye my babies, I am going to work now!!” when I left work this morning haha. My babies eh mengada, padehal tak sampai satu minggu. Orang rumah nya jaga dah bertahun, tetiba jadi my babies lol.

Oh wells, telling myself to take it one day at a time.


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