6 months in

It’s only barely been 6 months since we’ve been married, but it feels like it’s been very long. Too many things has happened since I updated this space.

Basically, we moved out of our parents’ homes so that we can learn to be slightly more independent; staying with my BIL & wife still though, so we are still like their “kids” but we are more like housemates.

I still have vendor reviews to do HAHA but I HAVE BEEN TOO BUSY. I don’t even have time for myself.

Cos I have been too busy learning to be independent. Cos Singaporean kids are sheltered as heck unfortunately. Or if you have not lost a parent, you don’t know what it means to have to wash your own clothes, hang them to dry, take them down, fold them, keep them, buy groceries to cook, cook when you’re hungry, cook for your hungry husband, cook for your other hungry housemates. On top of that, taking care of 5 cats (their litter, their food, their hunger for attention, their prison break escapades, etc.)

Adding to that, we are currently plowing through renovation works for our flat. We don’t have enough funds to engage an ID, so we decided to go for a contractor recommended by my BIL, and doing very minimal works (basically just the kitchen) and just using my hantaran money for this. The thing is we were supposed to get the house next year January, but we got it this year February instead -.- This year was supposed to be the year we spend time saving money for reno works hahahahaissss

It would be good to get an ID instead, I strongly recommend, cos there are so many things that I do not know how to decide, cos I don’t even have the time to collect and read up on the technical knowledge required to make certain decisions. The contractor just asks you, what you want? Ya can I can do for you. That’s it GUYS lol. Sis bodoh.

Our house has recently been fcked up by a certain incident, and it involves the company of Mr. I’s BIL, and we don’t know how to proceed with this. This is what I hate about getting services and buying things from family. Yes, we want to support family, and syarikat anak Melayu. But when things get fcked up, and then there’s “power dynamics” involved, you dunno how to tell them – EH, YOU FCKED UP, AS A CUSTOMER I DEMAND YOU TO RECTIFY THIS NOW. Cos you have to see them almost every other weekend -.-

OK lah. Sis mintak you alls who are still reading to help me to make dua, so that my situation improves, or at least Allah swt grant me strength to do the difficult things in life, and that we don’t go bankrupt because of this. Amiin.


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