About Us

We are in our late twenties. We met in late 2013, while working a booth at an event that happened at the beginning of the month, that we both were not supposed to go to but went for anyways, talked to each other the whole day, and he went off saying “It was nice knowing you” but never ask for my number. Alamakkk…

As fate would call it, at the end of the month, I ended up in the place where he was working at, started talking like old friends, then he disappeared off again, without asking for my number. Alamakkk…

But then, because I am le Master Stalker, we found each other on Facebook, chatting like old friends, and even before our first date, he started calling me “dear”.  Eh elehhh…

From never ever having gone on a date with anyone, I went to having 5 dates in the span of 8 days within the first week we started going out… Lincah perr. All those times he didn’t ask for my number, all forgiven. HAHAHA.

This blog is from my perspective. Mr. I knows I am blogging about our wedding prep, but he has no idea and is not at all interested in finding out where I blog at. Suka hati lor.


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